The Dictionary of Neo-Paleo Deholocaustolithification, Revised

Published: 1999-01-01

Holy Cow!

Inspired by the incredible verbal dances of the past half century in support of the insupportable. Includes the never before compiled self-evident- Evil-Nazi-Ordinary-Blonde-Beasts'-Secret-Code-Words of WWII legend.

de-ho-lo-caust-o-lith-i-fi-ca-tionn. The art of comparing and making a point about whopping big infallible Holocaust facts that were once written in stone to different infallible Holocaust facts that are currently written in stone.

Example: Auschwitz-Birkenau infallible 4,000,000 once written in stone reduced to a current infallible 1,000,000 now written in stone.

© Tom Moran, 1999

bar-be-rismn. the art of cramming 17 barbers, 17 benches, 60 to 70 naked women and children, and several SS guards into a 144-square-foot gas chamber in order to have a haircut before the gassing, like Abraham Bomba swore to Claude Lanzmann in the movie "Shoa".

crock-u-ment-aryn. alleged documentary films that continue to be shown over and over, both on TV, and the Hololecture circuit (to lend some credence there to the incredible professional-witness sado-masochistic fantasies), despite the fact that they have been proven to be crocks of crap. Examples:  1  "Liberator," with its false claims that all-black units liberated Dachau and Buchenwald.  2  The ubiquitous scenes of typhus victims at Bergen-Belsen being bulldozed into mass graves, with a voice-over about victims of gas chambers (it is now admitted that there were no homicidal gas chambers within pre-war German borders, thus none at Belsen).

Ho-lo-a-rith-mo-soph-is-tryn.  1  the science of adding any set of different figures and always getting 6 million  2  an eternal-debit based system of accounting wherein the combined institutional holdings of all poverty-stricken rural shtetl dwelling Eastern European Jews always comes out in excess of a billion dollars so long as their gold teeth are included. Once accepted, it can then be applied on a country by country basis with no diminution of outcome. Occasionally referred to by the slang term "money-mannah."

Ho-lo-gramn. virtual mountain of empty shoes weighing 6 tons.

Ho-lo shit !!!interj.  1  common exclamation among children after being taken to within one foot of the flaming pits and being ordered to turn back like young Wiesel repeatedly was  2  derisive term directed by defecating prisoners at the Treblinka "shitmaster" when he informed them that their 3 minutes were up, time to "shit and git"  n.  1  liquid excrement found ankle-deep in German munitions plants around Auschwitz, maintained for the purpose of demoralizing Jewish workers as described by Terrence Des Pres in The Survivor, Chapt. 3, "Excremental Assault," Oxford University Press, 1975

Ho-lo-ki-lon. metric unit of measure. The weight of one ounce of dental gold after aging in a Swiss bank vault for 53 years.

Ho-lo-woodn.  1  the Mecca of The Holocaust movies  2  a magical wood found only in the forests of Poland, a single cord of which is said to be sufficient to reduce 3,000 or more Jewish corpses to less than a Zyklon can-full of ashes in the space of one terror-filled SS demons dancing wildly around the belching column of smoke laughing manically but otherwise ordinary Polish night, in violation of every law of thermodynamics and a couple of ordinary courtesies too

men-ge-loidn. a Jewish or Gypsy person transformed into a Chinese by genetic manipulation at the Birkenau infirmary.

sack of shitn., coll.1 jocular term used by other Jewish prisoners to describe the result of solving the problem of infrequent toilet breaks while in the throes of dysentery by tying cords around the bottom of one's pant legs (see Des Pres reference under "Holo shit!!!")  2  less than jocular term that might be applied to anyone who claims to have ushered their wife and children into a gas chamber without so much as whispering to them because while "Many of us saw our children, wives and other loved ones among the victims," they were in serious danger of incurring "...a whipping or death . . . so we obeyed without grumbling." (Role Model: Yankiel Wiernik and other references).

Swe-gron. the product of Dr. Mengele's eyeball and hair color transformation exeperiments on Ethiopian Jews brought back by Rommel especially for the purpose. Blue eyes and blonde hair were achieved by a combination eyeball-injection-fluid and shampoo-conditioner made of ordinary household bleach, ground lapis lazuli, and RJF Finest Pure Semitic-Oils Aryan Bum-Beautifying Soap (Accept Substitutes on Pain of Death)®.

Swi-ciden. accepting Jewish bank accounts before a crisis.

su-per-vi-vorn. someone who survives more than one gassing (all-time champion survived six).

zi-o-na-zo-chismtit. the sexual orgies between beautiful 20 year old SS woman guards with whips known as the Blond Beasts of something or the other, and big inmate honchos and their girl friends too, like Olga Lengyel reported after spying through a hole in the wall in "Five Chimneys".

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