The German Court vs. Carlos Porter

Holocaust Museum of Stupidity - Now Opening at a Location Near You
Published: 1998-01-05

On 5 December 1997, the court rejected the defendant's defence of justified absence due to pedal-driven brain-bashing machine induced injuries, partly on the grounds that he had failed to specify the exact date of his injury! How stupid can you get? He was given one week in which to object, in German.

Translation of Judgment of 5 December 1997

18 Ns 112 Js 116737/96
Regarding: Criminal proceedings against Porter, Carlos
For incitement to racial hatred

[Short excerpts only]

…[The defendant] stated that he had been unable to attend the main trial on 10 October 1997 due to "severe cranial injuries and concussion". With regards to the other statements, reference is made to the letter of the defendant dated 5 November 1997, which was translated.
[This means: the letter of 7 November will be ignored.]

[…etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.]

…The mere assertion of severe cranial injuries and concussion is insufficient to constitute justified failure to appear. Because there is no indication of the date [!!!]. In addition, the claim was not substantiated [!].
The doctor's certificate mentioned by the accused in his letter of 05.11.1997, was not presented [!]. Nor was this failure made good in the letter of the defendant dated 7.11.1997 in which the accused stated that he had recovered from his cranial injuries [!]. Furthermore, the accused, in his letter to the court dated 1 September 1997, had [already] stated at length that he would refuse to appear. [OK; so why bother with the trial?]

[…etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.]


Presiding Judge
Regional Court

[certified true copy, etc., etc.]

[The defendant was then given one week in which to protest the rejection of his defence of justified absence due to pedal-driven brain-bashing machine induced injuries.]

…The objection must be in German.

Objection [by fax on 5 January 1997]

Judge Kunert,

[address, references, etc.]

Es ist mein Pflicht, Ihnen mitzuteilen , dass, indem Sie die Glaubwuerdigkeit meiner durch die in dem Nuernbergerprozess beschriebenen (IMT VII 377 [416-417]) Pedal-angetriebene Gehirnzertruemmerungsmachine verursachten Kopfverletzungen anzweifeln bzw leugnen, Sie mich in meiner Menchenwuerde verletzen, was mir ganz schwere psychische und Gefuehlsleiden verursachen muss. Ich fuehle mich herabwuerdigt und beleidigt. Sie werden von meinem Rechtsanwalt hoeren. Im uebrigens wuerde ich am 9. Oktober schwer verbrannt durch Ausstrahlungen von deutschen Atomwaffen aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg [IMT XVI 529-530 [580]) und bin immer noch radioactiv.

Carlos W. Porter


It is my duty to inform you that in disputing or denying the credibility of my cranial injuries caused by the pedal-driven brain-bashing machine described in the Nuremberg Trial transcript [IMT VII 377 [416-417] you injure my dignity as a human being, causing me serious psychic disturbances and emotional anguish. I feel humiliated and insulted. You will be hearing from my lawyer about this. I also suffered severe radiation burns on 9 October 1997 while handling the German World War II atomic bomb described in the Nuremberg trial transcript [IMT XVI 529-530 [580]) and am still radioactive.

Carlos W. Porter

[to be continued...]

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