The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism

Keystone of the New World Order. A Review
Published: 1996-01-01

The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order, by Ben Weintraub and Robert L. Brock, 1995. Softcover. 198 pages. Notes. This volume can be purchased from: "Cosmo Publishing", PO Box 15248, Washington, D.C. 20003, USA for $15.00.

Ben Weintraub and editor Robert Brock pose an interesting hypothesis: that the Holocaust has no historical foundation but rather is established as religious dogma with its origins in the ancient documents of Judaism. It is this "holocaust religion" which is replacing the tenets of Christianity as a sort of new age religion. Weintraub argues that the Holocaust religion is the an anti-Christian religion of the New World Order propped up and supported by the United Nations and others.

From this beginning, the book offers a broad conspiracy plot that would make Oliver Stone blush. Rather than drawing clear lines from various events or people cited, Weintraub / Brock serve up an endless stream of unrelated quotations. At times these quotes seem to have been chosen almost at random. They range from those which directly pertain to the topic, like Prof. Faurisson's comments to the 11th International Revisionist Conference, to the inane, quotes from a biography of Jackie Gleason, The Great One: The Life and Legend of Jackie Gleason.

Certainly having bitten off more than he could chew, Weintraub / Brock weave a strange tapestry of numerology, creationism, revisionism, and various conspiracy theories. Few readers will follow the loose connections of Weintraub's thought. At times the material is refreshing and new but at other times, the material is unrelated and off topic. The confusion caused by the strange quotations throughout the volume is compounded by blatant errors of fact and misleading statements.

One terribly misleading statement regards the late David McCalden. Weintraub claims,

"McCalden was definitely on to something in questioning the [Simon Wiesenthal] Center's mob ties. Maybe that's why he died young, shortly after these allegations, as did the Phoenix reporter, Don Bolles, who was blown up in 1976 while working on [Walter] Mondale's ties to the mob." (p. 116)

In reality, the Simon Wiesenthal Center had nothing to do with McCalden's death. McCalden died from AIDS in 1990.

Weibtraub also errs when commenting about David Irving. He writes, "Possibly the greatest living British historian is the former naval officer David Irving." (p.154) In truth, it was Irving's father who served in the Royal Navy as a lieutenant-commander, not David Irving. These annoying errors are compounded by outrageous statements uttered as if they were factual. Weintraub / Brock claim, for example, that Hinduism has infiltrated American schools and that during "rest time or story time ... innocent children are taken on 'trips' to find gurus and hidden masters." (p. 157)

When all else fails for Weintraub / Brock, he falls back on the infamous, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Protocols are quoted throughout the volume. At one point it is claimed that the "United Nations is ...super government mentioned in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, promulgated at Zionist congresses between 1897 and 1905." (p. 150) Weintraub / Brock go on to make crazy claims which make the Protocols pale in comparison. One such outrageous claim is that a "communist-alien Jewish doctor... working through the World Health Organization of the United Nations... manufactured [AIDS] from a sheep virus ... and deliberately injected [the AIDS virus] into a prison homosexual population." (p. 112)

This volume does serve a few valuable functions. It lists many sources and includes full mailing addresses. This huge list can provide readers with many otherwise hard to find organizations, publishers, and books. There are also a number of interesting appendixes, including one of Revisionist books available in English. This large list includes many rare and unusual titles. The final appendix is an English translation of Reinhold Elstner's Last Testament. Elstner was the German citizen who immolated himself in April of 1995. This is a valuable document and well-worth reading.

Despite these few high points, the books falls far short of its target. Suffering from Christian fundamentalism and delusional paranoia, this book takes an interesting idea and relegates it to the world of the bizarre and the unbelievable.

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