The Holocaust Ideology: A Threat to Human Life

Published: 1991-01-06

In a direct, literal sense, the Holocaust ideology has become a threat to human life. For this reason alone, a policy of subjecting it to intense scrutiny is wholly justified. In order to clarify this, consider the following.

The efforts of a pro-Zionist, Jewish member of Congress, Stephen Solarz (D-N.Y.), were crucial in getting the United States involved in the Persian Gulf War. He was a co-sponsor of the bipartisan resolution authorizing the use of military force in the Gulf. Concerning his motivations and "justifications" for his hawkish behavior, he made the following admissions.

In a speech at Georgetown University on January 17, 1991, one day after the U.S. air strikes began against Iraqi targets, Solarz said: "Enough Jews have been gassed in our century. For that reason alone our [military] strike last night [against Iraq] was justified."[1]

Then, in May, at the 85th Annual Dinner of the American Jewish Committee, he again admitted the Holocaust doctrine was the ideological driving force behind his pro-war activism. He requested that Congress authorize the use of force against Iraq because "I [Solarz] was overwhelmed by the thought of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust."[2]

The important point here is this. The very idea of the "six million murdered Jews" motivated Congressman Solarz to co-sponsor the resolution in Congress sanctioning the use of force against Iraq. The end result? American troops were sent to the Gulf where a number of them along with thousands of Arabs met their deaths. The Holocaust ideology has been used (and will be used for the foreseeable future) to promote war policies that culminate in the loss of life. In this sense, it is a real threat to human life. For this reason alone it should be subjected to intense scrutiny.

If we Americans are going to send our soldiers off to die on foreign soil, then we have the moral duty to publicly scrutinize all of those doctrines which are used to promote and "justify" such actions.

The reader should ask: "What if the popular view of the Holocaust is a hoax?" Then, we have a false doctrine, a myth, a lie, which is being used to promote and "justify" pro-war policies that culminate in death and suffering for thousands of people—an intolerable situation indeed. And even if the Holocaust doctrine is true, why should Americans have to shed their blood for Jews in Israel? Let the Israeli Jews tend to their own problems.

And yet, there is even a more outrageous example of how the "Holocaust" doctrine is a threat to all life on earth. A book published in 1989, Testimony: Contemporary Writers Make the Holocaust Personal, is a landmark volume in which contemporary Jewish novelists, essayists, and poets tell how the Holocaust ideology has affected their lives and thinking. The testimony of the award-winning writer, Jane De Lynn, is quite shocking. She wrote: "Although in general I believe in nuclear disarmament, I am GLAD Israel has the atomic bomb, and the continued existence of Israel is the only cause for which I consider it justifiable to use nuclear weapons. Let me put this in the starkest and ugliest light: I am not sure, but I believe, that if the choice were between the survival of Israel and that of the remaining 4 or 6 billion peoples of the world, I would choose the 4 million [Jews in Israel]."[3]

Get the picture? Because "six million Jewish lives were lost in the Holocaust," nuclear destruction of the non-Jewish, Gentile world may be preferable and justifiable in order to save Jewish Israel!!!

The reader should keep in mind that Ms. De Lynn is not some insane derelict whom everybody ignores. She is a prominent writer who commands a respectful hearing in Jewish and Gentile communities. How many other Jews in powerful places have beliefs similar to hers? The sheer danger of such thinking should be intuitively obvious.

The only way to expose and refute such thinking is by education and public debate. In a word, by showing the American people how false the orthodox view of the Holocaust really is.

Historical Revisionism. Now more than ever!


This article, written shortly after the Persian Gulf War of 1991, originally appeared in the now-defunct, Holocaust revisionist periodicals, Remarks, Issue # 7, July-August 1991, p.9, and The Spotlight, 20 January 1992, p. 4

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