The Last Days of the Big Lie

Published: 2012-04-18

This text, which addresses Stephen Spielberg’s award winning documentary The Last Days, is being copied to students, faculty, and administration at Universities across USA


The historical event known as "Holocaust" is in great part supported by eye witness testimony, seldom specifically corroborated. These testimonies have been a fundamental argument used by uncritical, conventional historians to publicize the "unique" monstrosity of the Germans during WWII, which is the uncontested Master Narrative of the Holocaust.

The murder of Jews in gas chambers is supported by eyewitness testimonies of inmates who "survived" different German camps. But there are "eyewitnesses" to gas-chamber murders that are so unbelievable, in fact so stupid, that those who tell them cannot and should not be believed.

Example: a Jewish lady, Irene Zisblatt, who claims that for months on end she swallowed the family jewels to keep them hidden from German monsters, pooped them out the next day and swallowed them again – for month after month after month. In Auschwitz! Once maybe, but day after day for months on end? Is this a story full of s---, or what? Yet this video plays a major role in Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood award-winning documentary The Last Days.

In an unprecedented production, Eric Hunt has compiled some of the more brainless of these survivor testimonies, originally filmed by Hollywood hero Steven Spielberg. No Holocaust historian is making a fuss about this or any other episode of The Last Days. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, dedicated to propagandizing "Holocaust", makes no public statement about the Zisblatt episode in Spielberg’s corrupt documentary. Why not?

Ms. Zisblatt, famous Holocaust eyewitness to a uniquely German monstrosity, is not alone in her lying about Germans and about herself. View the entire documentary by Eric Hunt The Last Days of the Big Lie:

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