The Last Word

Published: 2010-01-01

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Several of you have asked why, in my Christmas letter last month , there were photos of Irene and me, photos of the three grandchildren, but no photos of the parents of the grand kids. The answer is that our own kids have real lives and no need of being easily identifiable by those employed at Holocaust Inc.

This issue of SR is a bit late. Apologies. No one specific reason. I’ll blame it on the holidays, as I do every year at this time. By the time this issue is in the mail to you I will already be working on the February issue. In fact I already have interesting articles by Thomas Kues, N. Joseph Potts, and one on the way by a CODOH editor.

I’m going to ramp up the YouTube program this month with a special emphasis on the campus. Did the first one of the New Year last week on a lesson I learned from Michael Savage, a gentlemanly talk show host who you have probably heard of. This is an example of how the origin of inspiration is not guaranteed.

When I have enough of these tiny films—the last one treating with an anecdote from Savage is seven minutes, most are less—we will put them on a DVD for those of you who are not online and would like to be able to follow what I am doing with YouTube.

Thank you for your support. Your contribution is what forwards this work. I could never have done it without your help. All these years. I cannot do it now without your help. Thank you.


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