The Most Powerful Proof of the Holocaust

Published: 1998-01-10

The other shoe dropped in the David Cole affair. As we surmised, the veiled death threats of the Jewish Defense League, designed to frighten and intimidate, finally had their effect: David Cole has now formally renounced his revisionist views.

In a two page letter that reads like a Nuremberg affidavit shoved in front of a groggy German prisoner for signing, David Cole now repents for all of his activities as a revisionist, including the video on Auschwitz, and in addition asks for forgiveness, describes his shame, his contrition, and the wild eyed self hatred that, he now says, animated all of his revisionist work. Naturally, the JDL has posted the recantation with gloating triumph.

Well, you have to admit it's newsworthy. The man advertised as the only Jewish revisionist has now come out and shamefacedly condemned all of his revisionist labors. One wonders why: but, of course, it must be because the Holocaust happened just as we have always heard! But think again. David Cole has not been active in Holocaust revisionism for some time, and only now has he chosen to renounce it. And moreover he has chosen to recant at the same web address that until now had carried a scurrilous collection of smears and veiled death threats about him. The recanting was obviously inspired by the threatening page, the same way the cashier was inspired to hand over the cash after being inspired by the gunman's weapon.

If the Jewish Defense League was more perceptive they would realize that such a retraction, written in response to obvious threats, points only to the fear they arouse, not to any response that fear evokes. But perhaps we give people too much credit. Perhaps many will consider the JDL-inspired retraction as simple proof that the standard story is the way it really was. But we challenge the reader. Read the retraction at, savor the Maoist groupthink that composed it, and then go out and read David's article "46 Unanswered Questions Concerning the Gas Chambers" and watch his acclaimed video, and ask yourself: which work has more substance? Which was inspired by curiosity and the desire to know, and which by coercion and a desire to appease? Make up your own mind.

Meanwhile, the two Jewish agencies who make it their business to defend Jewish people, the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, were silent throughout this episode and continue to be silent. Apparently from a desire to protect their favorite martyrology, these two Jewish groups have allowed a Jewish man to be intimidated, even humiliated, for his past words and deeds. This sets a remarkable precedent. These agencies have just indicated that if you are a Jew they will only protect you if they like what you say about the Holocaust. No more unconditional support for Jews.

The funny thing about Cole's retraction is that in a cosmic way it simply confirms what revisionists have been saying all along. For over twenty years, revisionists have said that the German confessions, wildly inaccurate and contradictory, were given not so much in response to direct physical torture as from the desire to protect themselves and above all their families from retaliation and hardship. For Cole's retraction, the JDL boasts that it was the result of their previous page, and that Cole "was afraid for his life and the relatives he supposedly is taking care of." So for those who didn't believe it possible that the Germans involved in the concentration camps could have been intimidated into make abject confessions, the idea is strikingly confirmed by Cole's retraction, and furthermore the JDL is waving the proof right under your nose.

Of course, it's likely that the JDL and other agencies who hypocritically proclaim themselves the protectors of the Jewish people see Cole's recanting differently. No doubt they see it as one more proof, along with the German confessions, of their special and intolerant interpretation of the Holocaust. And that's the key, because now we know what forces inspired both the confessions and the retraction. Because, you see, the most powerful proof of the Holocaust has always been the threat of force.

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Title: The Most Powerful Proof of the Holocaust
Published: 1998-01-10
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