The Persecution Never Ends

Published: 2017-05-19

Dear all,

Wednesday evening May 17, four police officers turned up at my parents' address in Glossop asking for my whereabouts. 

My mother was told that their visit had to do with my case at Westminster Magistrates court, and the officer in charge asked her to ask me to present myself at the nearest police station where I would be told what this was about. 

As there is seemingly no warrant for my arrest, I am not legally obliged to attend, nor do I have much reason to trust police at this point in time. They have my telephone number and my email: if they want me to attend, all they have to do is get in touch with me rather than harassing my elderly, unwell parents. 

In response, I published two blog posts exposing my accusers Gideon Falter and Steven Silverman of the Campaign Against Antisemitism who, I suspect, are no doubt desperately trying to pull strings in order to have me put into preventative detention until my trial, scheduled for July.

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Alison Chabloz. 

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Title: The Persecution Never Ends
Published: 2017-05-19
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