The Skripal Faurisson Argument

Published: 2018-04-16

The capacity of the media to poison seems infinitely superior to that of any chemical agent.

In the Skripal case, the Western public does not even ask for proof of guilt, since suspicion alone is sufficient:

1 - Russia is the enemy of the neo-conservatives, so she is one of the bad guys.

2 - The bad guys use evil weapons like gas or other toxic agents,

3 - So Novichok was used, which is an evil weapon.

4 - So it was Russians.

Impossible, it seems, to fight against this kind of tidal wave, but maybe then there is still a strategy: play tidal wave against tidal wave.

Skripal and his daughter were intoxicated; that's two people.

Then there were witnesses, first-responders, doctors, firefighters, police officers who approached, who breathed near the two primary victims and who were also intoxicated: we speak, if I'm not mistaken, of 21 people hospitalized.

And then, we saw investigators in HAZMAT suits come to survey the scene of the crime. They wore these suits so they would not be intoxicated themselves.

So the questions that may come to mind are these:

But what would have happened if the English authorities had not two contaminated bodies to handle, but several millions? Let's say Six Million to clarify what we can be thinking of.

Serious implications, already noted by Professor Robert Faurisson forty years ago. We were told not to lisen to the professor's observations, but how not to hear those of the Skripal incident?

If  is it dangerous and difficult to handle two gassed bodies, then what about handling millions?

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