The Syrian issue and its implications

Published: 2013-09-17

By  Wilfried Heink-

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Looking at the events as they unfolded regarding Syria, one wonders what this is really all about.

The “No” vote by the British Parliament is viewed as a return to law and order, "The people have spoken." Obama then backtracked with Putin finally offering him a way out. All of this looks good, some are celebrating, claiming that the forces of evil are in retreat. Unlikely, the “New World Order Project” is still alive and well, this may have been planned or was just a glitch along the way. The concept of a One World Government is centuries old, Freemasonry tried to make wars impossible by supporting the idea of a world without nation states, i.e., a One World.

I am at the moment half-way through Hidden History. The Secret Origins of the First World War, by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor (Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh and London, 2013). Chapter 1 starts out with:

“The Secret Society
One wintry afternoon in February 1891, three men were engaged in earnest conversation in London. From that conversation were to flow consequences of the greatest importance to the British Empire and to the world as a whole.

The opening passage of Professor Carroll Quigley's book "The Anglo-American Establishment" may read like a John le Carre thriller, but this is no spy fiction. The three staunch British imperialists who met that day, Cecil Rhodes, William Stead and Lord Esher, drew up a plan for the organization of a secret society that would take over the control of foreign policy both in Britain and, later by extension, the United States of America: a secret society that aimed to renew the Anglo-Saxon bond between Great Britain and the United States,(Niall Ferguson, Empire, p.313) spread all that they considered good in the English ruling-class traditions, and expand the British Empire's influence in a world they believed they were destined to control.

It was the heyday of both Jack the Ripper and Queen Victoria. The latter, having confronted her anti-Semitic prejudices, began a personal friendship with a member of the Rothschild banking dynasty, which played such an important role in what was to follow;(Hew Strachan, The First World War, p.43) the former allegedly murdered Mary Kelly, his fifth and possibly final victim, in London's fog-bound Whitechapel slums.(Norman Stone, World War One: A short history, p9) These two unrelated events captured the extremities of life in that era of privilege and poverty: sumptuous excess for the few, and penniless vulnerability for the many. Despite appalling social conditions, Victorian England sat confidently at the pinnacle of international power, steeped as it was in the 'magnificence' of the British Empire, but could it stay there for ever? This was the driving question exercising much serious debate in the cigar-smoke-filled parlours of influence, and the plan agreed between these three men was essentially an affirmation that steps had to be taken to ensure that Britain maintained its dominant position in world affairs.

The conspirators were well-known public figures, but it should be noted from the outset that each was linked to infinitely greater wealth and influence. The plan laid on the table was relatively simple. A secret society would be formed and run by a small, close-knit clique. The leader was to be Cecil Rhodes. He and his accomplices constructed the secret organization around concentric circles, with an inner core of trusted associates — 'The Society of the Elect' — who unquestionably knew that they were members of an exclusive cabal devoted to taking and holding power on a worldwide scale.(Davis Stevenson, 1914-1918: The History of the First World War, p.16)…”

The players changed, even the intended outcome is now under a different name, but there is no doubt that a hidden clique is still calling the shots. Accepting this as fact, one needs to realize that nothing comes by chance, all is carefully planned and mishaps are calculated in.

A few days ago I came across an article written by Richard K. Moore, titled, "Obama’s Backdown and the New World Order Project."

A well written article, with the author considering the big picture. He writes:

“In appearance, we see Great Power leaders restoring the rule of law and the primacy of legislative bodies. The natural next step in this sea-change scenario would be for the same thing to be orchestrated on a global scale, for the Great Powers to recognize the primacy of the UN, giving us the ‘rule of law’ globally. An apparent close-escape with Great Power confrontation has created a PR climate conducive to bringing in the long-planned NWO global government.

It is not clear how the rest of this scenario will unfold, but we can be sure more surprises will be forthcoming. As regards the actions the US, UK, and EU, we can assume a script has been written, as these players are responding to powerful economic interests.  Russia and China remain as independent players, but clearly their self-interest would lead them to support initiatives that move in the direction of peaceful cooperation among the Great Powers. I expect ‘big news’ to come out of any forthcoming summit meetings.”

If this unfolds as depicted by Moore, with some variances, Russia and China will have no choice but to play along, no line in the sand needs to be drawn by Putin, survival will be the only issue. Moore continues:

“There is one very convenient crisis-solution opportunity sitting there, ripe, waiting to be plucked. The crises in Syria and Egypt were manufactured and they can be resolved. Arms can be cut off to the mercenary terrorists in Syria, and the US-linked Egyptian Army can be reined in. These events can be brought about under the flag of some kind of UN mission, and the UN would get the credit for being the hero of the day.

The details are speculative, but this is the kind of thing we can expect to be seeing in the near future. Another crisis-solution opportunity is all that sovereign debt. Forgiving that could be bundled with a new UN-issued currency. When you’re the one who creates all the problems, it’s not that difficult to uncreate them, in a way that serves your interests.

Basically, the world is being offered a birthday present, peace in our time, the rule of law, an era of international cooperation, an opportunity to deal with the big problems facing humanity. As this unfolds over the next weeks and months, one can only imagine the wave of optimism that can be generated by the global media in a crisis-weary population. The people are to be grateful for the NWO, and my goal here has been to suggest some of the means that are available for creating that result.”

The "Peace in our time" slogan has also been used before. And now, this  almost useless organization, the United Nations, should be hailed as the savior? UN resolutions have been ignored as a norm, but the organization itself left intact. Why? Could Moore be right? Br. Freemason Woodrow Wilson insisted on the establishment of The League of Nations following WWI, but Germany was at that time still a sovereign state, and that issue had to be resolved first, and was, the League of Nations a casualty in the process.

Now we have the UN, and it is possible that it will be used to bring about this NWO, under its umbrella, if you will. Cui bono?  Freemasonry is based on Jewish rituals and the Rothschild clan was involved right from the start in the Rhodes scheme. Yahweh promised his chosen flock that they will eventually rule the world (Isaiah 60), and when the dust settles, it will be Yahweh’s disciples who will emerge victorious, no doubt about that in my mind. That is if we allow them to do what they are working towards, and it appears that we are not only allowing them to reach their goal, we assist them in their quest.

I need to add this, because I am certain that the last part of the above will considered to be “anti-Semitic,” it is not. The Yahweh promise regarding Jews ruling the world is real, and I can not blame Jews for working towards that goal, actively. But, I do not need to be in favor of it.

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