The Tinbergen Archives—a Select Catalog

Published: 1997-02-01

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If you're like most subscribers to Smith's Report you've read book after book, journal after journal, making the revisionist case that the Holocaust extermination story is a lie imposed on Western culture by the Allies—with Jewish help; or that the Jewish role in the Soviet revolution and terror was far greater than today's historians dare to admit.

But how would you like to read, to hold in your hands and to own, authenticated photocopies of actual historical documents—ferreted out by revisionist researcher Cal Tinbergen from the U.S. Archives, from Israeli archives, and from other authoritative sources around the world—that put the lie to the official versions of the "Russian" revolution; the U.S. Army "liberation" of Dachau; the "spontaneity" of postwar German confessions; and—in the separate testimony of Polish chemists and the wartime Zionist leader of Hungary—the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz? If you would, then we've got the catalogue for you!

These aren't revisionist essays or arguments. Each one is a document from an impeccable Establishment source, whether U.S. Ambassador William Bullitt on the Jewish presence in Stalin's regime; the U.S. State Department on the need to suppress evidence of Jewish involvement in the Red revolution; British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper in an exclusive interview on the wacky gas chamber testimony of Kurt Gerstein; long-suppressed U.S. Army footage of the capture of Dachau; Hungarian Zionist leader Rudolf Kastner's electrifying postwar testimony in Israel about Auschwitz; the studiously overlooked (by Exterminationists!) 1995 Cracow Forensic Institute report on the Auschwitz gas chambers; and more!

If you're hungry for historical truth, newly liberated from the archives of the enemy, call, write or fax me your address and I'll get the 4-page Tinbergen Catalogue to you pronto (if you fax me I’ll fax you).

[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

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Published: 1997-02-01
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