The Truth Deserves to be Known

Published: 2002-02-26

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The Holocaust story is a hoax because no one was killed by the Nazis in gas chambers--and because the total number of Jews who could have possibly died in German-occupied territory is minuscule compared to what is alleged. Just a few years ago, Steven Spielberg proudly announced to the world in an Academy Award acceptance speech that “there are 350,000 survivors of the Holocaust alive today.” (See for example: Other sources, including Israeli sources, have in recent years given even higher numbers. All such numbers more than fifty years after the war would be impossible if there had been any kind of physical extermination of the Jewish people under German control. It never happened!

Most of the alleged three million gassings were supposedly carried out with Diesel exhaust which is technically absurd since Diesel exhaust contains hardly any carbon monoxide. This is well-known to anyone who owns a Diesel-driven car or truck from their own state vehicle inspection results (just check the auto emission inspection procedures for diesel cars or trucks in any state.) Zyklon-B was only used by the Nazis to keep people alive using well-designed gas chambers rather than the makeshift, Rube-Goldberg-like confabulations alleged for mass murder at Auschwitz for example. Although the US Army War Crimes Branch assigned doctors such as Dr. Charles P. Larson to perform autopsies on many of the thousands of dead found in Germany's concentration camps at the end of the war, those doctors never found any forensic evidence of deaths from poison or poison gas. No such evidence was ever presented at the Nuremberg trials where precisely such evidence would have been expected. The killer had been disease, especially typhus, brought on primarily as an indirect but inevitable result of Allied bombing. See for example; “Typhus Causes a Truce,” The Journal of the American Medical Association (May 19, 1945) page 220.

In the book for which Elie Wiesel is most famous, namely Night, which is recommended reading in public schools across this country, Wiesel paints an horrendous picture of life in Auschwitz from April 1944 to January 1945 when he was there. Although many hundreds of thousands of Jews were supposedly gassed there during this time, Wiesel makes no mention of gassings or gas chambers anywhere in his book. He does however claim to have seen flames from the chimneys and Dr. Mengele wearing a monocle. Both claims are clearly lies.

When the Russians were about to overrun the Auschwitz camp in January 1945, both Elie and his father “chose” to go west with the retreating Nazis and SS rather than be “liberated” by America’s greatest ally. They could have told the whole world about Auschwitz within days—but, both Elie and his father as well as countless thousands of other Jews chose instead to trek west with the Nazis on foot at night in the middle of one of the coldest winters and continue working for the defense of the Reich thereafter. Some of Wiesel’ s exact words in Night (page 78 of the Bantam paperback edition, 1960)are:

“… The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him [the father] entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. ‘Well, what shall we do, father?’ He was silent. ‘Let’s be evacuated with the others,’ I told him.”

Elie’s choice is corroborated by other “survivor’ accounts including that of Primo Levi and most notably by the “survivors” from Schindler’s List. In their well-known story, as the Russians were about to overrun Plaszow just thirty miles down the road to the east from Auschwitz in November 1944, Schindler and more than a thousand Jews chose to go west with the retreating Nazis rather than hang back and be “liberated” by the Soviets. Some even spent the next several weeks at Auschwitz--but none were gassed, not even in the movie. The hoax has certainly had its day.

More than a million Japanese and German women and children were murdered by the US by the most excruciatingly horrible means imaginable--by roasting them alive. If the Nazis had murdered people in gas chambers, although criminal it would nonetheless have been humane and painless and even civilized compared to what Americans actually did even when, in the very last months of the war, there was no real danger to the US. To this day in America, there is still no sense of shame or apology.

The truth deserves to be known.

The article above was originally written in the form of a letter to the Editor of a small newspaper in New York State, February 26, 2002.

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