Theil Prison Sentence Confirmed in France

ThoughtCrime: 01/14/08
Published: 2008-01-14

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death."
George Orwell

Georges Theil has been denied the option of electronic tagging for thoughtcrimes in France. He has had his sentence of imprisonment confirmed. The decision of January 8, 2008 concerning the implementation of the 6-month prison sentence for Georges Theil (author of the book Heresy in 20th century France – A case of Defiance) is typical of our holocaustic era, which anathematises and punishes those who do not believe the dogma in force.

These extracts convey the ruling's essential substance:

Whereas […] Mr Theil has openly challenged the validity of his conviction, which he considers the corollary of a "law of convenience", and openly persists in analysing the charge of challenging the reality of crimes against humanity as an illegitimate infringement of his freedom of expression, opinion and intellectual inquiry; and whereas, in spite of his cultural capital and his scholastic and socio-professional background, Mr Theil appears, still today, not in the least ready to mend his ways;

Whereas Mr Theil has, moreover, stated remaining [sic] keen on contemporary history, and going for that reason to Germany and Poland several times a year, and has produced a document drawn up by himself and entitled "Guerre et paix en Dauphiné – Réplique à Robert O. Paxton", a document concerning which his counsel has desired that it not be added to the case file without his having been able to acquaint himself with it beforehand; and whereas he has, furthermore, indicated that he is working towards the publication of a work denouncing the "lies" of the second world war;

Whereas the Chief Public Prosecutor has called for the rejection of the request for placement under electronic surveillance submitted by Mr Theil;

Whereas Mr Theil appears clearly desirous not only of carrying on his research tending to substantiate his convictions but also especially of carrying on his work and of disseminating his interpretation of that historical period, the theme of the holocaust plainly featuring among his favourite subjects;

Whereas it is fitting to recall that the deeds which brought on Mr Theil's conviction were committed in such circumstances as to constitute repeat offence, Mr Theil having been convicted for identical deeds by the court of appeal of Grenoble on January 16, 2000;

Whereas the absence of feeling of guilt on the part of Mr Theil and the risks of a repeat of the acts for which he has been convicted do not permit of the granting of placement under electronic surveillance that he solicits;


REJECTS the request of placement under electronic surveillance submitted by THEIL Georges;

GIVES NOTICE that the present ruling is subject to appeal by either the Public Prosecutor or the person convicted […]

Judge for the Implementation of Sentences Guillaume Girard

Note from G. Theil:

"The prosecutor who participated at the hearing in chambers, and to whose requests judge Girard acceded, is called Vincent AUGER, and is in fact a deputy chief prosecutor. His fuming hatred of revisionists is almost funny. In him we can see something of a little French Meinerzhagen, and he makes one think back to the prosecutor-prelates of the 'Holy Inquisition.' This very day, January 14, 2008, I have lodged an appeal against the ruling, acting on the definite advice of my lawyer, barrister Eric Delcroix."

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