Published: 2013-08-18

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*** As I reported here last month, I have begun “tweeting.” Posting brief messages online that with a single click are sent to those who I have convinced to sign up for them. Each tweet is a very brief text with a link to a relevant story that I want to draw attention to. There is very little work involved. The idea is to produce contacts with others who are tweeting and who share some of my interests. I have 92 “followers” as of today. An insignificant figure. But it’s a start. Here is the text of one tweet I did this month:

“Israeli soldiers on Arab land in West Bank settlement making ‘Rachel Corrie’ pancakes. tinyurl.-com/k5fzg7v. Anything for a laugh, eh?”

That’s the entire enchilada. The link leads to the story and includes photographs of young Israeli soldiers on the West Bank gathered around a table laughing and celebrating their “Rachel Corrie” pancakes. Rachel being the young American who was protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes who was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver. The story came to me in the usual course of the day, took five, six minutes to compose and to tweet it.

A couple days after I tweeted the Rachel Corrie story I was informed that it had been “re-tweeted” by a Website named [email protected]

I was “following” them, and they me. Here is the trick. RonPaulVote has 3,415 followers. Each of them received my tweet as it was re-tweeted, and at the same time a link through me to CODOH. So, while all 3,415 libertarian followers of RonPaulVote will not investigate CODOH, some number will. My time is valuable, but six minutes to reach 3,415 libertarian (or any) individuals with revisionist messages—well, it’s worth my time.

I have tweeted 71 times and have 92 followers as of this writing. A few of those tweets follow.

27 Jul: PRESIDENT OBAMA on Korea: "Here in America, no war should ever be forgotten." BRADLEY SMITH on Korea: “Sir!”

27 Jul: A defense of Islam so good you'll think Aaron Sorkin wrote it. @mehdirhasan (via @Upworthy)

24 Jul: Israeli soldiers on Arab land in West Bank settlement making “Rachel Corrie pancakes.” . Anything for a laugh, eh?

23 Jul: Man charged for driving car with no steering wheel And academics who drive the Holocaust with their minds closed?

22 Jul: Did Hollywood Hold Hitler’s Hand? Do academics clutch the hands of Holocaust fraudsters? For the same reason/s?

21 Jul: #WarCrimes Sanctions Against #HolocaustSurvivors (Israel) initiated by European Union

18 Jul: AN EVENING with #DavidIrving, #Hitler-Biographer, speaking of the perils of writing Real History

15 Jul: Filched Rosenberg Diaries Recovered. The U.S. Government has announced the recovery of 400 pages from the...

9 Jul: #USHMM Advisor on Archives puts a lid on the newly discovered Hitlerian era #RosenbergDiary. Protecting whom?

9 Jul: An Open Letter to the President of #GeorgetownUniversity, John J. #DeGioia, re The #JanKarskiInstitute

25 Jun: UNESCO supports freedom of information in Morocco, but not in Germany or France. Not about Holocaust falsehoods

24 Jun: David Stein Cole: Apologize My Ass. An old friend.

2 Jun: U Chicago professor, specialist on fruit fly evolution, dismisses #Holocaustrevisionism

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