Update on Ernst Zuendel and the Canadian Hate Police

Published: 1997-06-01

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Ernst Zuendel’s hearing before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal opened on May 28th, and closed the next day. As reported in SR #39 (January 1997), the misnamed tribunal is attempting to close down the US-based Zuendel Website by holding Ernst responsible under Canadian law pertaining to hate (!) messages over the telephone (!!).

While a couple of motions brought by Zuendel to end the inquisition then and there were (predictably) rejected, the raucous antics of the thug-like (and Canadian taxpayer-funded) “Anti-Racist Action” in attempting (unsuccessfully) to intimidate Zuendel witness’s outside the courtroom have backfired. When several of the Jewish groups (including Sabina Citron's Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association and the Canadian branches of B’nai B’rith and the Simon Wiesenthal Center) which have waged an unremitting, 20-year-long campaign of persecution against Zuendel applied for leave to join the government in the prosecution, Zuendel’s fiery, courageous and capable attorney, Doug Christie, launched a withering attack, pointing to evidence Team Zuendel has unearthed of collusion between Jewish groups and ARA, also known for raucous demonstrations outside Zuendelhouse, including chants and signs urging that Ernst’s home (several times bombed and torched already) be burnt to the ground. Several of the would-be “intervenors” in the prosecution, in particular the citrus-faced Citron, visibly squirmed and cringed as Christie told the court—and them—that they were a disgrace to decent Jews. Ernst and Doug now believe they have a real shot at keeping these busybodies out of the trial. The tribunal, just one tine of a multi-pronged attack aimed at ultimately deporting Zuendel to a German prison, resumes October 14th.

(A reminder: CODOH's Website continues to "mirror" [duplicate] the contents of the Zuendelsite—just in case he is compelled to close down.)

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Published: 1997-06-01
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