Ursula Haverbeck Challenges German Authorities

Published: 2015-09-08

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Ursula Haverbeck (86) is the widow of the late German historian Prof. Dr. Werner Georg Ha­verbeck. Both have been supporters of revisionism for decades. After her husband’s death in 1999, she started becoming more outspoken about her skepticism regarding the Holocaust. As a consequence she was tried thrice for “denial” and sentenced to pay several thousand euros in fines. She became a public figure in early 2015 when she was interviewed by the German government TV channel ARD (aired on April 23). In this interview she confirmed that for her the orthodox Holocaust narrative “is the biggest and most persistent lie in history.” (With English subtitles at tinyurl.com/ng7ypdp.) The viewer is warned, though, that not all of her statements are historically accurate.

One of the inspirations why Mrs. Haverbeck became so outspoken recently is the book Commander’s and Headquarter’s Orders in the Concentration Camp Auschwitz (in German; amzn.com/3598240309), which contains reproductions of German wartime documents by the Auschwitz camp authorities. The book was edited by the German government-funded Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Institute for Contemporary History). The documents in it do not contain any trace of any extermination program; quite to the contrary, they prove that the camp authorities tried to save the inmates’ lives. (Castle Hill Publishers will have their own, critically commented English edition, see at tinyurl.com/p48yy64.)

It goes without saying that a criminal investigation for “denial” was subsequently initiated against Mrs. Haverbeck, in the course of which her house was raided by the police in early June (see tinyurl.com/pkfl274).

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