Was Himmler a Holocaust Denier?

Published: 1998-01-01

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Dear AnswerMan,

I keep coming across statements like this, which seem to make the Holocaust story unfalsifiable.

The first Holocaust deniers were the Nazis. As it became obvious that the war was not going well, Himmler instructed his camp commandants to destroy records, crematoria and other signs of mass destruction of human beings. He was especially adamant with regard to those Jews still alive who could testify regarding their experiences in the camps. In April, 1945, he signed an official order (which still exists in his own handwriting) that the camps would not be surrendered and that no prisoner "fall into the hands of the enemies alive." Apparently Himmler knew that the "Final Solution" would be viewed as a moral outrage by the rest of the world.

Is there such an order by Himmler? If so, is this the correct interpretation? Or could he have thought that being captured by the Russians was a fate worse than death?

Fondren Ventura


AnswerMan Replies:

First, it is critical to understand that revisionists do not "deny" the Holocaust. The language used contains an anti-revisionist bias and suggests the lack of objectivity of the writer. Moving beyond the rhetoric in the passage there are several inaccuracies in the statement regarding the Himmler order. First it is only the author's assertion that Himmler instructed the camp commandants to destroy records, crematoria, etc. Himmler made no such comments about Jews who could still testify. This is in the mind and the writings of the author of this passage only.

The author then tries to bolster his argument by referring to an actual document. The April "order" is presumably a reference to a note that Himmler penned on April 14, 1945. Again, the author builds in his own meaning by suggesting that the note refers to multiple camps and multitudes of prisoners. The note in question refers only to the camp at Dachau and was not a general comment nor was it an order. In fact, none of the alleged "extermination" camps were functioning at this time. Of the six alleged "extermination" camps, four of them were ceased operation while still in the control of the Nazis and the last two, Majdanek and Auschwitz were liberated in July 1944 and January 1945 respectively.

The context for the Himmler note is that earlier on that same day, Himmler authorized SS Colonel Kurt Becher to negotiate the surrender of Dachau and other camps to the Allies because conditions in the overcrowded camps were now totally out of control. Himmler received word of the recently liberated inmates of Buchenwald terrorizing and even raping German civilians (noted in many sources including Elie Wiesel's original Yiddish edition of Night) and then, allegedly, rescinded his order of earlier in the day in a note written by hand on plain paper.

The hand-written note was among the files of the International Red Cross Tracing Service and news of the existence of the note was released to the public in March 2007 after much hoopla over the re-opening of the files to researchers.

The note which was signed "Heinrich Himmler, Reichsf├╝hrer SS" read as follows:

"A handover is out of the question. The camp must be evacuated immediately. No prisoner must be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy alive. The prisoners have behaved horribly to the civilian population of Buchenwald."

There are several interesting things to consider regarding this note:

  1. After many historians and researchers dug through the files of the International Tracing Service looking for any evidence of a plan for the mass extermination of Jews, this is one of the only documents that emerged.
  2. It is strange that Himmler would refer to Buchenwald in this fashion as Buchenwald was the name of a concentration camp, not the name of a town, and there was no "civilian population of Buchenwald."
  3. The note plainly says the camp "must be evacuated." This is not an order to exterminate the inmates of Dachau.

Some final thoughts about your question. Certainly this note had nothing to do with fear of the advancing Soviet army. Dachau would be liberated by American forces. The Holocaustorians have found no evidence to support their claims of a mass extermination program. There is no order to carry out mass extermination, there is no forensic evidence, no architectural plans, no invoices for the equipment. Therefore they have had to concoct an enormous conspiracy theory in which the Nazis not only carried out an enormous murderous plot, but they also covered it up by destroying every shred of evidence, from the murder weapons to the orders to the bodies themselves.

On top of all that, they have now enacted a legislative system that incarcerates anyone who suggests the Holocaust-emperor is wearing no clothes.

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