Was the Auschwitz Gas Chamber reconstructed in the '60's?

Published: 1998-01-01

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Dear AnswerMan,

I believe I read a few weeks ago at one of the Revisionist sites that the Auschwitz gas chamber was 'reconstructed by the Poles in the 1960s and that an authority on the Holocaust had testified to this fact.

I, perhaps, foolishly used this argument in a debate and have been challenged to discover the source. I have attempted to locate this information using the search facility at your site but have so far failed to do so. In desperation, I am therefore writing to ask whether or not you have heard of the aforementioned fact and if so - could you possibly point me in the right direction so that I may locate it.

Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work!



AnswerMan Replies:

AnswerMan! has not heard the Auschwitz reconstruction in the '60's thesis. Typically no date is specifically cited. The general wisdom would put the reconstruction in the late 40's. The "Auschwitz Authority" you reference may be Dr. Franciszek Piper. Piper admitted on film to revisionist activist David Cole that the Auschwitz I "gas chamber" was a reconstruction. David Irving also quoted Piper, an offense for which he was fined in Germany. The principal text that references such changes and reconstruction at Auschwitz I is Robert Jan van Pelt's Auschwitz 1270 - Present. See especially pp. 363-64. Van Pelt writes that "there have been additions to the camp the Russians found in 1945 as well as deletions." There are several other interesting passages as well.

Of course the traditional historians admit (today) that there were changes made and "reconstruction." The argument then becomes what is meant by "reconstruction." To revisionists this strikes of fraud and fakery, to the Holocaustorians it means that the rooms were changed or destroyed near the end of the war and were later restored to resemble their earlier deadly design.

The problem for the Holocaustorians becomes if there were no plans or architectural drawings for gas chambers and if the rooms that were found were no longer designed nor functioning as gas chambers, with what information was the room "restored?"

With that question we arrive back at the topic of "eyewitness testimony." The traditional historians generally accept it while the revisionists generally do not.

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