We Demand Justice!

Published: 2009-01-02

Today Holocaust revisionism is illegal in eleven European countries. These include: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and Switzerland. Holocaust revisionism is also illegal in Israel. Punishment under these repressive laws may range from months to as much as twenty years in prison.

Several countries without specific Holocaust revisionist (denial) laws have utilized other laws to punish publishers and writers that challenge Holocaust orthodoxy. These include but are not limited to: Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The United States has cooperated with European governments to deport individuals who had committed no crime in the US to countries that would imprison them for what amounted to "thought-crimes."

One of the worst offenders of free speech and human rights is Germany. It is estimated that there are 10,000 criminal prosecutions for "thought crimes" in Germany alone each year! In addition, German universities have withdrawn PhD-titles from people who they have deemed have committed "thought crimes." Germany's biggest Police department is the one called "department for state protection", the new German Gestapo; Germany employs specially trained, politically reliable public prosecutors to do nothing but prosecute political cases, most of them being "thought crimes"; every German law court has departments called "State Protection Chambers" which conduct nothing but political trials against all sorts of "political crimes"; the German Federal Police compiles a secret list of publications which are prohibited in Germany by any law court; the German authorities burned many thousands of books and other publications in recent years for allegedly breaching German anti-discrimination laws, even if German professors testified on trial that some of these books are scientific and should be protected by the internationally guaranteed human rights.

We demand justice now! We demand justice for the political prisoners. We demand justice for the thought criminals. We demand justice for Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zündel who languish in the prisons of Germany. We demand justice for all thought criminals who are imprisoned for holding dissenting opinions. We can no longer sit idly by while our freedoms erode. We shall all hang together or we shall all hang separately.

Please register your support of these brave men and your protests against those who have criminalized intellectual freedom.

The Letters

In those countries which have enacted laws restricting freedom of expression, citizens live under a pervasive sword of Damocles. In the present dystopian age, a casual remark uttered in jest may lead to denunciation, arrest and prosecution in scenes reminiscent of George Orwell’s prescient novel, 1984. The recent controversy surrounding the remarks uttered by Bishop Williamson serve as a case in point. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, the Bishop has been tossed into a raging sea of public controversy and been pressed on all sides to either sink or swim.

The term “Holocaust Denier” is misleading, nebulously defined and a misnomer in view of the fact that there exists no consensus of opinion even amongst mainstream historians or revisionists in respect to a uniform definition of the Holocaust. Nevertheless, this elusive, nebulous definition of the Holocaust and Holocaust Denial is precisely what animates and facilitates the job of prosecutors whose primary task appears to be limited to an arbitrary application of the law directed against those deemed politically undesirable.

In his “Essay on Tolerance,” Voltaire had written,

“For a government to have the right to punish the errors of men it is necessary that their errors must take the form of crime; they do not take the form of crime unless they disturb society; they disturb society when they engender fanaticism; hence men must avoid fanaticism in order to deserve toleration.” [1]

It is precisely this logic which appears to motivate those individuals who demand legal remedies to address the issue of ‘holocaust denial.’ The “error” of “denying the Holocaust” is invariably defined as a ‘crime’ which ‘disturbs the public peace,’ because “deniers” are perceived as engendering ideological or racial fanaticism. That the “Holocaust” is not denied, but redefined according to the evidence or how it may be variously interpreted and applied, offers no legal loophole to those deemed to have transgressed the substance of the law. Furthermore, it is not ‘society’ in general which is disturbed, but those who seek to impose their beliefs on others by suppressing opinions with which they are at variance. It is by these means that “deniers” are deemed “unworthy of toleration.” And that is unworthy of any civilized, democratic nation.

J.P. Bellinger, Author (Feb 2009)

I can not understand the pretense of today's Germany in adopting its posture of an enlightened democratic state. The basic human freedoms of belief, of association, and of expression, are God-given and not matters delimited by arrogant State authority, and certainly not any State authority that gives lip service to protecting such rights and freedoms - as Germany does.

In the matter of history, it is vitally important that a democratic state protect free inquiry and the free and open presentation of facts or discussion thereon. Censoring and repressing historical information or the persecution of historical researchers and writers smacks of totalitarianism and oppression and not of democracy and freedom. Men like Guenther Deckert, Fredrick Toben, and others who are imprisoned in today's Germany or who have been administratively targeted or otherwise 'punished' or persecuted, have simply presented facts or appropriate commentary on the 1933-1945 period of German history for which their work and efforts should be _applauded_. These are sincere, honorable, and well-meaning men, and courageous too in view of today's reigning politically correct mandates. One would think that Germany above all nations would be sincerely interested in pursuing the historical truth about its past, but apparently that is not so. Instead, it appears to desire to bury it under an avalanche of politically correct lies, half-truths, and compelled belief systems.

I appeal to the German authorities to re-think their stance on 'revisionist' researchers and writers, and to take a more principled approach respecting both freedom and information exchange. I also appeal to other nations and authorities to remonstrate with Germany in order to effect this.

...Joseph Bishop

What can one say of a version of history that requires the punitive force of law to maintain itself? A version that relies on incarceration of those who challenge it? Well, a lot can be said and we revisionists will continue to say it.

...Andrew Gray

The arrests of military historian David Irving and scholar and researcher Germar Rudolf by the governments of Austria and Germany respectively are a disgrace to the fundamental principles upon which the West itself was founded. In an effort to protect its citizens from an unseen threat, we have seen the governments of Europe sacrifice freedom on an altar of political correctness. We must always ask ourselves, what type of "truth" needs such protection by the law? Today blasphemy against Holocaust fundamentalism has become what blasphemy against God was during the dark ages.

We have seen times in history when ideas are protected through extreme measures. In each of these times, brave men stood up and protested injustices and fought for liberty and truth. What is scariest about our times is that no one is standing up for the revisionists. Those who refrain from protesting today and demanding the freedom for these historians should not wonder when the thought-police arrive at their doors.

...Rodrigo Mendoza

The significance of the arrest and sentencing of Dr. Fredrick Toben in Germany is to convincingly show the stranglehold of Zionist interests in Germany, so that no one even dare discuss the issue, except to agree with every "jot and tittle" of the law. So Germans are powerless to debate their own history. This is the general tendency of Zionist interests throughout the world in their never-ceasing efforts at censorship, ending free discussion and creating a Zionist slave state.

The good news is that the Judge in Toben's case did not accept the argument of Prosecutor Klein that material on the Internet downloaded in Germany became subject to German Law, otherwise the penalty would have been much harsher. Prosecutor Klein, of course, wants to close that "loophole" so he has lodged an immediate appeal against it. Then enemies of Freedom never give up, so neither must we in the defence of Freedom. In fact, the Judge showed some sympathy with the plight of Toben and his lawyer by passing a modest sentence in terms of German law. He may have had some sympathy with the fact that neither Toben nor his lawyer could open their months in defence of Revisionism without risking a futher jail sentence. I hope that the time will never come in the United States when anything like that happens. It must be the task of Revisionists to ensure that this oppression is forever blocked. It is a challenge set by our enemies that we must not shirk.

...Geoff Muirden, Acting Director, Adelaide Institute

Some 74 years ago, Huey Long famously remarked that when fascism comes to America, it would come under the guise of anti-fascism. Little did Long realize how prophetic his statement would be, not just for America, but for much of the Western world. For the alleged Holocaust, the validity of "facts" depends upon the amount of force used to support it. Meanwhile globally, we are now on a path towards the curbing of individual freedoms, the restriction of open internet, and the silencing of dissent; this all in the name of protecting law & order in society.

Revisionists have long been aware of the coming storm, with our questions and challenges being met by jailings and persecution. Well, we are tired of being ignored, tired of being discriminated against, and tired of being jailed. We will redouble our efforts to fight censorship in the name of all humanity, for the liberation that revisionism undoubtedly promises to bring. Modern historians have remained painfully silent on our plight, acting as patsies and enablers to the driving forces behind censorship. Yet each day a revisionist spends in jail, our resolve to continue the search for truth only grows stronger.

May God be with all revisionists and their families carrying on the struggle.

...Jason Willis Myers

The ongoing state persecution of Holocaust heresy in Europe and elsewhere remains a continuing scandal. The complicity of the press, as in the recent instance of two bloodhounds from the London Telegraph (publisher of fake gas chamber allegations in two wars!) "tracking down" Germar Rudolf as if he were an escaped murderer rather than a Fahrenheit 451 free speech fugitive, is even more shameful. It is high time for a systematic effort by revisionists to dog the "human rights" and media watchdog organizations into action, or at least into the ignominy of taking a public position in favor of censorship.

...Ted O'Keefe

It should be evident to anyone that the Holocaust story is a mix of fact and myth. Several recent manuscripts have been universally denounced as fabrications. Prominent historians from the museums at Yad Vashem, Auschwitz and Majdanek have revealed that once "official" versions of the Holocaust story are not true. From the tale of Nazi manufactured soap made from the remains of Jewish corpses to the once memorialized four million murdered at Auschwitz to the two million murdered at Majdanek, all have fallen away into the dustbin of history.

We must forget the unhealthy formula that skepticism of the official account of the Holocaust equals anti-Semitism. Revisionists seek to arrive at the truth of the matter. As long as people are imprisoned and persecuted for their speech, their writing and their thoughts, we must all understand that none of us are free. One lesson that should be learned from the Holocaust is tolerance. As long as revisionists languish in prisons and are threatened by once democratic nations, our freedom is lost. If the only speech and thought that we think is worth defending is that of the orthodox, then we have forgotten what freedom is.

...Richard A. Widmann (Feb 2009)

For more information on the persecution of historians and scholars who hold dissenting opinions on the orthodox Holocaust story, see:

The ThoughtCrimes Archive

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