We Love You, Bradley!

Published: 2016-02-28

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Oh dear, a good person Mr. Smith seemed. His legacy will be that of a principal instigator to the total destruction of the despicable Industry lies. Today, as I write this, the fruits of his endeavours are clear to be seen. The types who feed off these black lies are being pushed into ever more drastic measures to keep their blood-libel in vogue. The cat surely is out the bag now though. It can only be considered an honour to have been playing a lead role in its ultimate demise. R.I.P. Turpitz

The work you have done, will live long long into the future. We will see this fight won, and your work will have played vital role. Rest easy now, you have worked so tirelessly. Thank you, Rich Ladbrook

Rest in peace Mr. Smith. I only corresponded with a handful of times but you were the epitome of cordiality and transparency. Joe Gladney

Thank you, Bradley, for your tireless efforts over many years. Your name is synonymous with fairness, free speech, open debate, and gentlemanly behavior. By following your interest and breaking through your social-approval barriers, you made your life matter. You, and the organization you founded, matter very, very much. Good job! Carolyn Yeager

These are very very sad news :’( He was a man of honour, who fought against the lies of our time and always stood strong to find out the truth. I really liked to read his Newsletters and can’t believe I will never had the possibility to read a new on from him. R.I.P. Mr. Smith, I am sure you will have a good place in heaven right now. Alois

Though I never knew him personally, I have read a bit of his work. He was a activist for free speech and the founder of the largest revisionist hub on the internet. May he rest well knowing that he lived a accomplished life fighting the wicked goliath that sends waves of propagation far, spreading a message of falsity onto those not quite aware of it’s thin stumps who have been jabbed and whacked at by the many knights of truth who have taken a gander at its over-imposing to the ignorant form. Bradley Smith was a most honorable revisionist indeed. May the light bathe the Earth in revelation to the smoke he and many others have helped to whisk away. Esoteric Red

Rest in peace, Bradley. Haldan

Soy un español lleno de tristeza por la noticia, y también lleno de agradecimiento por tódo lo que ha hecho Bradley R. Smith por defender la verdad y la libertad en el mundo y por tódo lo que hacen, y deseo que sigan haciendo, sus colaboradores. Gabriel

Smith did yeoman work for revisionism. Unfortunately his holocaust forum has been taken over by numbskull moderators who repeatedly censor divergent revisionist views. So honor his life work but beware of CODOH. Caryn Goddard

I knew Brad for 30 years. We disagreed on this and that, but he was an admirable one-of-a-kind original of the old freethinker breed. I think he was the first person who ever breathed the word ‘multiculturalism’ to me during a conversation. (1993, I believe, at The Spaghetti Factory in downtown San Diego.) margot darby

Very sad news. He was the loveliest man. Astraea Shaw

Such a sad loss. Long may he be remembered. Lest we forget. Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E. Church of Creativity. Reverend Cailen Cambeul (http://creativityalliance.com/)

Awww... I miss him. I wanted to do a video with him on The Brian Ruhe Show. Bradley will have a well deserved happy rebirth for his brave and long efforts carry the torch. [email protected] (http://thulesociety.com/)

Hi Germar, It was a great shock when I read your notice of Bradley’s passing. He was a great man who advanced his ideas without a drop of prejudice or hate in them, He was fearless and took the fight right to the door of the non believers. He kept up this fight with virtually no money and despite the difficulties that were put in his way, he fought on regardless. I met Bradley many years ago at a meeting organized by David Irving and we became good friends over the years. I shall miss him a great deal. Please pass my condolences to his family, whom he loved more than life. Paul Fritz-Nemeth Sr.

You did your part, honorable Lord Smith, you opened many minds who now think, instead believe. You are a special part of Dasein. The True is prevailing although many of its enemies work hard to deceive it, and soon Holocaust will be just to be remembered as a Horrible Myth, and we the Goym its real victims. You are on us and we all shall continue to pursue the True for the sake of humanity and universe, and build a better world. Dino Vettri

He was recently interviewed by Jim Rizoli, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAknw5pqOwY Bradley always came across as a truth seeker who modestly downplayed his very significant contributions to the revisionist movement. Definitely, one of a kind. RIP Bradley Smith. katana (http://katana17.wordpress.com/)

A terrible loss for revisionism. His work was inspirational for me personally, and gave me a lot of faith in the human spirit. The only blemish is what he allows to take place on the CODOH forum, where the owner suppresses to stroke their ego. But I guess we all cannot be perfect. RIP, dear Bradley. You did well. Paul Johnson

Everyone who values free speech should carry a heavy heart. Bradley was a personal friend and I am particularly saddened. Quite the man. Will see him in Valhalla. Hannover (http://forum.codoh.com/)

Very sad news, RIP Bradley, thank you for working so hard on Codoh, we all appreciated your fine work my friend. Lesley

Thank you dear Sir for your efforts, your struggle for mankind. May you rest in peace with your forefathers. I hope that I can meet you one day, to shake your hand. Kindest regards, Lasse Karagiannis (https://direktdemokratihalmstad.wordpress.com/)

Great lost for us all... May all God receive him. Rest in peace, thanks for all, great Brad. Sergio Pausic

I knew him not, but I loved him. A blessed sleep. Andrea

Bradley had an inspiring love of truth. I was gripped by his book Break His Bones, and buoyed that he was never broken. I always hoped to meet him, living only 50 miles away. He was reticent. I satisfied myself with his wit and zealous words. But I’ll hope to see him on the Other Side. I have to believe he was familiar with the place since he spent so much time on Earth in its service. Truly, a legend is fallen. Bruce Leichty

Good-by Bradley: So sad your battle with cancer did not go as well as your battle with this world’s greatest lie. I learned so much from your monthly letters. Those on the side of truth will miss you. I’ll always remember our 1st meeting at PDX airport. David Westerlund

My deepest sympathy to friends and family of Bradley Smith. I was blessed to have been able to be a part of his interview with Jim Rizoli in December. I knew he wasn’t well, and I know Bradley knew he wasn’t well, thus spurring him on to connect with Jim and me for his interview. I presently am editing it now for further publication and dissemination. I am grateful for having gotten to know him a little better through the interview and will miss him. Condolences. Diane King

Bradley was the best of men and a true free speech advocate. He did so much for the revisionist movement with meagre funds. We will miss you so much Bradley. To Irene and her children, condolences and love. Lynda and John

We who follow his legacy, let us sacrifice like him. Blago

Rest in peace Bradley and please know that you will not be forgotten. Your work goes on and dedicated CODOH people will make sure that truth will prevail. You will be missed. Ed Baker

It hits me like a ton of bricks. I met him once way back but helped him recording all his radio interviews on DVD. I am proud that I got him to try posting comments on YouTube, get more involved on the internet. I will miss him very much. D GUDGEL (http://seniorobserver.blogspot.comm/)

Dear Irene, dear Paloma, Bradley was one of the kindest persons I ever met. He was a true idealist and a fundamentally decent man who will not be forgotten. I will always remember my visit to your home in spring 2000. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I trust we will meet again some day in the future. Your friend Jürgen Graf and his wife Olga

We never met Bradley, but the internet waves kept me informed about your work which I greatly admired. Thanks for everything you sent. We are all in the queue. Rest in peace. John Erasmus – South Africa

RIP Mr Smith. We are forever indebted to the hard work you have done in search of the truth. Condolences to all family and friends. A true legend of modern day has passed. RIP. UK Aryan

Anyone who had the priviledge of having met Bradley R. Smith, knows that he was a kind, courageous man and the best of friends. So long “Baby”, it was great in Theran! XXX MH2 and “Mommy.” Italo VERNAZZA

I’m really sorry for the loss of Mr. R. Smith. He was one of the most active revisionists till today that I’ve heard from. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet him personally, but I’m sure he was a wonderful person, as well as a very hard worker. From Spain I read his fantastic reports every month. We have lost a veteran truth seeker. Hope CODOH continues the legacy of their founder Mr. R. Smith. Neither prison nor death will stop truth. The best way to keep the memory of Mr. R Smith in my opinion is to fight even harder for the cause he dedicated himself. Strength & Victory! May R. Smith rest in peace. Rafael

I extend my deep sympathies to Mr. Smith’s family and friends. I am new to revisionist history and have found him to be an impeccable guide. May Bradley Smith rest in peace, joy, love, and light. Juanita V. Miller

Thank you for all your efforts to safeguard free speech and for your wonderful books! Peter

With great sadness do we hear of the passing of Bradley Smith. He was a true Patriot who spent his live fighting for the Truth. May his work continue on. Elisabeth Carto (http://barnereview.org/)

Bradley’s aversion to taboos and limits on free expression ran deep, but he nonetheless always fought them with civility, humility, and good humor. In a world where there is so much mindless adherence to taboos, he was a breath of fresh mountain air after the smog of a congested city. Bradley belongs in the First Amendment Hall of Fame. If there is a heaven, Bradley is probably up there organizing a free speech league, challenging the saints to live up to their ideals. glen k allen

I knew Bradley for these past 21 years. I always enjoyed his humor and good-nature. I will always smile thinking of his phone calls, with various birds and animals in the background. He had a way to brighten the room and bring a smile when people were down or saddened. While I will miss our talks, he will forever be remembered by those who knew him and called him friend. Richard Widmann (http://www.inconvenienthistory.com/)

I met Bradley Smith during the last IHR Conference held in Irvine, CA. in 2001. A mutual friend who was attending it brough Bradley to the apartment in Santa Ana I had been given by the art dept. at U.C. Fullerton where I was doing a residency program in ceramics. I was mildly curious about revisionism at that time and became more involved later. The more I learned about it the more respect I had for Bradley’s fight against censorship. We corresponded by email and snail mail over the intervening years. I thought I’d pay him a visit in Baja one day, but time has run out on that idea. I liked it that Bradley had been a beatnik. That was my career choice in higschool so it was exciting for me to meet one who had remained a genuine outlaw living like “Pancho and Lefty” across the border Mexico. I wrote him that I’d miss his folksy issues of SMITH’S REPORT last Christmas when it was announced it was being taken over and going digital. I told him, too, he was no square which was tantamount to letting him know I loved him. See you later alligator. Charles Krafft (http://www.charleskrafft.com/)

I would like to express my condolences to the family in the death of Mr. Bradly Smith. May they in their sorrow remember that he made a great contribution to our society by promoting historical truth. I am sorry to see him leave our community of truth seekers. Theresa W. (http://www.germanvictims.com/)

RIP brother. A loss no greater to our cause can be conceived and you will be greatly missed. I for one shall miss your regular emails in my box and the unmistakable unique turn of phrase. I’m not a Godly mam but God bless you Sir. He has recalled one of his best. Simon W Wilkes

May this great man rest in peace. Lasse Anckarman

un Uomo coraggioso, un guerriero della libertà di espressione... un Uomo che avrei voluto conoscere personalmente. Grazie Bradley per tutto quello che hai fatto. Mirko Viola

Very saddened to learn of Bradley Smith’s passing. He stood up for truth in historical revision and in his own personal life. RIP. Sean Murphy

ONE FOR THE GIPPER I am working on an English translation of Carlo Mattogno’s latest blockbuster. I work on it every day. Today, in memory of our fearless leader and EVERYONE’s friend, Bradley Smith, I stayed up late and did an extra chapter. I will continue with renewed energy and determination for at least as long as I can retain the inspiring memory of our hero now lost to the ages. Maybe longer. Jett Rucker

A voice of quiet reason, and a sad loss. Alexander Baron (http://www.infotextmanuscripts.org/)

Thank you for your significant work on behalf of free speech, Mr Smith. Condolences to his nearest and dearest. May you rest in peace. Ole Johansen

The truth shall set us free. The seeds of truth have been planted for all to nourish and help to become fruitful. The pits of deception have also been given ground to work from. We are the tenders and propagators of righteous disclosure. Rest In Peace Bradley R. Smith. Truthy1

The fact, that he was reviled and attacked by the „Media” is proof that he was right. Atilla Levay

Rest In Peace Mr. Smith! Wahr-Sager

I expect the old trooper Bradley Smith made his way out of this world with a lighter spirit if he believed Germar Rudolf was at or near the helm of the CODOH vessel. Mr. Bradley did all that he could in his honorable quest and deserves a rest though some may miss him much. James

RIP Bradley Smith, you were a breath of fresh air in a stagnant world. Bless you. Richard Graham

Hail Kinsman, I did not know you yet I admired you and your lone stand did not go unnoticed. The fight for truth go on. Thank you for your consistent effort - one day the truth will prevail, IT WILL! Donar Thorson

Here is my tribute to Bradley:


In memoriam: Bradley Smith

You have to imagine a grain of sand
Held in your palm, suddenly speaking
While all the others along the beach
Look the other way and keep very quiet.

To see eternity in a grain of sand
Is not as easily done as it can sound,
With all respect to William Blake,
That white-haired old prophet
Who would have understood Bradley Smith very well
And told him not to keep his trap shut!

Speaking truth is a dangerous occupation.
You can so easily be brought up before a Pilate
And given the whole treatment before execution,
While journalists keep a deathly silence
And celebrities grovel before the latest sophistry.
Nothing easier than to ridicule the prophets!

Bradley Smith is dead. A humble, cheerful,
Quizzical sort of chap who liked to cock his snook
At all sorts of hypocrites, spongers, bullies, liars.
He preferred the fresh air of speaking truth,
Letting the spirit blow where it would like wind,
And called on many a Nicodemus to be born anew.

He had a Mexican wife, a sense of humour also
Rather Mexican, you’d think. He was quirky, blunt
And challenging, a bit of an egocentric too;
But he spoke the needed truth when others quailed.
Just another of God’s smiths, I feel;
But he put to shame the times-servers, lickspittles,
Craven camp followers, turncoats, brown noses, boors.
Salute him, for he rose above himself!

NIGEL JACKSON, 25th February 2016

From Portugal, my condolences to Bradley Smith’s family. Not knowing how exactly Thought could translate itself into words (as Smith would have put it), I once compared the indefatigable prof. Faurisson to a one man army that managed to trash enormously powerful ennemies against all odds, by the sheer power of ideas and the physical courage to pay the price of victory. In the same spirit, I would say Bradley Smith was the equivalent of a victorious one man guerrilla insurrection conducted on a shoestring and still spelling doom to the same formidable enemy in the name of the First Amendment to the US Constitution. He was a quintessential American hero to many all over the World and a great writer to those who were lucky enough to read him. He will be sorely missed. ASMarques

Bradley will always be just a thought away. His book “Break His Bones” remains an autographed treasure in my bookcase. Anyone who has ever heard Bradley talk about Debra Lipstadt with such humor will forever have a smile. We will always be with Bradley and Bradley will always be with us. Carry on, there is work to be done. James Beardsley

Sincere sympathy to his family and friends from Cape Town, South Africa. Carol Hinrichsen

Ein tapferer Kämpfer für die Wahrheit und für ein Volk, das im Begriff ist, sich aufzulösen. R.I.P. Dietrich

She was sitting at a corner table in the Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills with Billy Wilder, the famous director from the golden age of film. She was Audrey Young, related to Billy Wilder by marriage being his wife and related to Bradley Smith by blood being his first cousin. As always in Mr. Chow, there were show business notables there that night – Lawrence Bender, Quentin Tarantino’s producer, Phyllis Diller and, according to my nephew, the actress in the Noxzema commercial popular at the time. What a coincidence, I thought, as I considered Bradley’s familial connection to this crowd of cultural elites – himself a recognized moral reprobate, and them the supposed curators of our highest moral values. Was this just a freakish occurrence of the six degrees of separation theory or something else? In fact, another Bradley cousin married Raquel Welch, so maybe there was something in this family’s blood that marked them for interesting lives. And Bradley’s was definitely interesting with one perilous adventure after another as if he thrived on dangerous choices. We crossed paths in one of his earlier exploits when he jumped ship in Thailand and soon found himself with no money in Saigon. I was there at the same time as a new 2nd Lieutenant in the Army where we both frequented the Hotel Continental bar and might even have had an encounter. When I heard of his passing I began thinking about who we are going to get to play him in his biopic. The director would, of course, be Angelina Jolie who would be looking for her next Louis Zamperini. The film would, of course, be missing its moment of triumph in the third act where Bradley prevails over his tormentors. So who would we get to write it? I don’t know whether Audrey was even aware of her cousin’s subversive side. The only time they spoke was on the phone when a family estate needed to be settled. But I’m sure if Billy had known of his wife’s connection he would have turned it into a great screenplay. Hal Taylor

When I began my extensive overseas trips, specifically Revisionist journeys, to locate individuals who had dared ask those difficult questions, I found in Rosarito, Mexico, Bradley Smith, who had caused grief all over the United States’ universities by challenging them to holocaust debates. His placed advertisements in student papers achieved what tenured academics feared to do – initiate open debates on matters holocaust.

In 1997 my visit to the Smith Family’s home revealed to me an atmosphere where a devout Catholic wife’s dream was to see her husband deliver a sermon at their local community church. I don’t know whether this ever happened but Bradley would have been an ideal choice for such a delicate task.

I say ideal because Bradley’s mindset was that of the true Libertarian, a person without overt or covert motives – except that of upholding the principle of Natural Justice, i.e. giving an individual who is being gossiped about a right of reply.

In concrete terms this meant that those who made allegations about Germans and their collaborators having perpetrated unspeakable and unique crimes during World War Two, in particular against Jews in the form of exterminating them in homicidal gas chambers, should be challenged to offer physical proof that would substantiate such allegations.

A consequence of Bradley’s stance, of course, is that once the holocaust taboo is broken, then this libertarian mindset would automatically move on and focus on the next declared taboo topic.

And so Bradley Smith’s contribution to ensuring that a dynamic and fundamental democratic institution is forever present, perhaps globally, within tertiary institutions, remains a worthy ideal to embrace for anyone who values developing their discriminatory taste and thereby enabling civilizing values to flourish. After all, the act of discrimination is an act of critical thinking, which currently the discrimination industry is set on closing down. Until the end of his life Bradley stood firm against such closures, and Jim Rizoli’s recent interview with Bradley attests to that: youtu.be/7ZGDR7DOWa0

I salute you, Bradley, for having given of your best at all times – there is no more a man, a husband, a father and grandfather can do! I know your family and Revisionists will miss your particular kind of sanity, and I hereby send my heartfelt condolence to your wife and family. May your soul now rest in peace. Fredrick Töben

So sorry to hear this news. Bradley was a true fighter for freedom and honesty who enlightened many about the way the Jews lied about World War II. John Kaminski

... and I just emailed Bradley earlier today to wish him a Happy 86th Birthday. May he rest in peace. Thank you once again Bradley for all that you did, I will miss you. Mark R. Elsis

What a great man! What a tragedy! But what a productive life he led in his campaign against Zionist lies and subversion, going fearlessly where angels fear to tread and inspiring others to follow. He will be long remembered and his teachings will endure. Ian V. Macdonald

I am very sorry to hear this, Germar Rudolf. I am a new subscriber but I appreciate people who stand for the truth. Please keep in touch. Seana

Violette (“Mommy”) and I shall miss Bradley “Baby” Smith whom we met in 2006 during the great days of the Theran conference. He was a gentle man and a gentleman and his pen was as light and delicate on the paper as it was efficient in defending the access to the truth, and truth itself. Bradely was a courageous man... an ancient breed. Kindly pass on this message to his next of kin. Marc-Henri Honegger

God bless Bradley... Stan Hess

Sorry to hear that. He was a good man. He will be sadly missed. Rebel of Oz

So sorry to hear it! My birthday... Hope CODOH can carry on without him. Randolph Waller

So sorry, Irreplaceable. R.I.P A great fighter for truth. Mike Walsh

Thank you,we lost an admirable soldier in the honest honorable fight against ignorance. Paul Hiscock

BIG LOSS. – Glad you are there. Jim Condit

Doue d’e bardono! Loïc Kervoas

Que en paz descanse! Pedro Bosch

On the very day of his birthday??? I sent him my best wishes... Yvonne

Sad news indeed. The world needed Bradley Smith... still does. Heinz Land

I am utterly distraught at this sad news. Jim McGrath

Such very sad news and a great loss to us all. Please express my condolences to dear Bradley’s family and friends. Michèle Renouf

We have all lost a original and novel historian. A real loss to all. Peter Cookson

I’m very sorry to hear this. Bradley Smith will be very much missed. Joseph Giampa

Stunning surprise. I thought he was doing very well. Please accept my condolences. Kaukab Siddique

A very sad day... Jeff Tribe

As many who met Bradley, I considered him a personal friend. Although I met him in Mexico a few times, I’ve never met Mrs. Smith. With many tears, Dave Westerlund

Mein aufrichtiges Beileid aus Leipzig. Lukas Richter

Very sad. I will sure miss him. Ray Lang

Really bad news... My thoughts go out to his family and friends. ineptmod

Goodbye guy, you always told the truth & helped so many of us know true history. CODOH made a big difference in my life & so many lives. Gerald Spezio


My family and I mourn the passing of such a great and unforgettable man. R.I.P. Brad and thank you very much for everything you have done for us and for the whole world. Gian Franco Spotti, Soragna (Parma) Italy

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