Who Is Hubert Zafke?

Published: 2016-09-21

Hubert Zafke is the new victim on a series of persecutions that involves Holocaust victims and Holocaust criminals in Germany in the last few years. In what seems a new fashionable way of conducting the “Shoah justice”, it is “conformed” by the new “permission” to seek prosecution, trial and conviction of those who were at “death camps” regardless of whether guilt of any criminal act might be proven without reasonable doubt or nor that no criminal act even was committed. Once the accused is chosen as the victim for a sacrificial ritual of true Holocaust justice in memoriam of the dead Jews murdered of course by monstrous Nazis, like Hubert Zafke, it is hard if not impossible to escape from the hands of German courts which as we have said before, by an obscure law procedure that dictates that if you were “there” you are “eligible” to be charged with crimes by association, regardless of how unreasonable the imputations might be.

Hubert Zafke

Mr. Zafke is the fourth former concentration-camp worker in this latest series of trials for Nazi-era crimes by low-profile individuals in the camps hierarchies. The one to inaugurate this new form of justice was John Demjanjuk in 2011, then Oskar Gröning in 2015 and later Reinhold Hanning  just this May – all convicted in solemn, fair, unbiased, packed courtrooms, eager to see justice being served on what they are sure is complicity in mass murder.

Hubert Zafke is 95 years old and was an SS medic who served at Auschwitz from 15 August to 14 September 1944. “Prosecutors say that, like other SS guards at Auschwitz, Mr Zafke was well aware of the camp's function as "an industrial-scale mass murder site". The indictment in his case assures that thousands of people were murdered while he was there. This of course proves he is a murderer and makes him indisputably guilty. All this is performed in Inquisitional style. I guess this shows without a doubt how powerful the Shoah political influence is to degrade court legal procedures and make them unjust and inexcusable, all for the sacredness of Jewish victimhood.   

But this trail has been postponed several times before because of Mr. Zafke’s health condition. The trial was supposed to start at the Neubrandenburg State Court but was postponed three times after presiding Judge Klaus Kabisch determined Zafke wasn't fit to participate in court based on a doctor's assessment.

One thing that is worth noticing is that in this trial presided over by Judge Kabisch has so far not given in  by the amount of pressure he is under by  prosecutors and attorneys representing Auschwitz victims to stop postponing the trail and thus undermine the health  of Mr.Zafke. The Prosecution is not happy with this and has expressed the possibility of legal action against Judge Kabisch.

One interesting fact, and of course one that is highly exploitable by the prosecutors and lawyers of these Auschwitz victims,  is that within the alleged camp prisoners that arrived in the trains in a one-month period in 1944 at Auschwitz camps was the famous teenage diarist Anne Frank… so on goes the saga. We will keep you in informed on further developments regarding Mr. Zafke’s case.


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Published: 2016-09-21
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