Why We Hate Jews

Published: 1993-08-15

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"Rob Reiner, Jewish director of 'A Few Good Men,' [says] 'Because Jews are the smartest people in the world, we are also the most hated."

I think Debbie, for one, is going to prove to be something of a disappointment to Rob on the smarts score. However, he also thinks that "Jews have always been the funniest people" too. Now we're getting somewhere. Debbie might have a shot at that one. And then there's the insider tidbit on who runs Hollywood, therefore whose point of view about the Holocaust you are most likely to get on TV as well as on the big screen. "It's all run by Jews," Reiner says. "even Disney."

Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, 4 December 1993

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: Why We Hate Jews
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 15 + 16, Summer 1993, p. 21
Published: 1993-08-15
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