Widerstand in Auschwitz

Published: 1949-01-01

The following has been posted through the efforts of a Friend of CODOH (FOC) who wrote to us earlier this year:

"I own a reasonably rare book that I notice is not available on revisionist or exterminationist websites. It is Widerstand in Auschwitz by Bruno Baum, 1949 edition that contains his famous remarks, 'I believe it is no exaggeration if I say that the biggest part of Auschwitz propaganda, which was spread in the world around that time, has been written by us in the camp. […] We spread this propaganda to the public at large until the very last day of our stay in Auschwitz.'

I think its important that this book (booklet actually) has a home online for revisionists to study."

We agree! But not only for revisionists, the fundamentalists are welcome to read and learn as well.

Thanks for your help locating this rare item.

German text in PDF format

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Author(s): Bruno Baum
Title: Widerstand in Auschwitz
Sources: VVN-Verlag, Berlin/Potsdam 1949
Published: 1949-01-01
First posted on CODOH: June 29, 1995, 7 p.m.
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