Will the Gold Train be a Gravy Train?

Published: 2000-01-01

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The American media has recently reported that the US government has just discovered its complicity in the looting of wealth in Germany after the end of World War Two. The specific case involves the "Gold Train" — actually two trains-- that contained the wealth and especially gold of Hungarian Jews who had been persecuted and interned by the Hungarian puppet government in the last year of World War Two. As discussed by CODOH's AnswerMan! last year, the main "Gold Train" contained jewelry, bullion, gold dust and other types of holdings — including paintings — totaling several million dollars in value. The train was seized by US troops in the American sector and was systematically looted by all ranks, from Generals down to privates.

Of course it's no surprise to revisionists that Americans, like everyone else, engaged in wholesale looting, although probably no one could measure up the prodigious record of theft compiled by the Red Army. The real surprise is that Americans are allowed to forget these things, and are palmed off with miscaptioned photos of German soldiers instead. A further surprise involves the fact that the "Gold Train" represents only a small fraction of wealth, and particularly gold, that simply disappeared from the areas of Germany and Austria under American control.

It is unknown whether the revelation about the "Gold Train" will lead to the kinds of suits against the American government that have been filed in recent years against the Swiss, the French, the British, the Dutch, the Poles, German industrialists, and virtually any other individual or institution unlucky enough to have been in existence during World War Two. If such suits do occur, it is unclear exactly what kinds of threats might be made against the Americans. A boycott might possibly do some damage, but in that case it would be up to Israel to set the moral example.

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Title: Will the Gold Train be a Gravy Train?
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Published: 2000-01-01
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