Willis Carto vs. the Hindenburg?

Published: 1995-10-01

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Again, as repeatedly stated in previous issues of SR, we know that we should let sleeping dogs lie and not open up old wounds. If I had a chance, I wouldn't publish the following article. But we are in the business of posting the contents of all issues of Smith's Report for historical and archival reasons—all of its contents. So we won't hide this opinion piece either. –Webmaster, Sept. 21, 2015.

I have received an 8-page pamphlet from The Foundation to Defend the First Amendment (FDFA), a Liberty Lobby/Willis Carto entity. Titled: “A Report on the ADL, Mossad and CIA Links to the MARCH 22, 1995 Swat Team Raid On Liberty Lobby,” one of its major thrusts is to demonstrate that Andrew Allen is a Mossad operative.

Meanwhile, FDFA, using a team of professional researchers, and with the help of “Former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky,” has discovered that both Janet Reno and President Clinton were involved in the March 22, 1995 “multi-jurisdictional SWAT team” raid on the “West Coast Office” of Liberty Lobby. This is Willis’ home where he most likely has a desk and telephone. When such high mugawumps as Clinton and Reno are after you, you know how very, very important you are.

One important discovery FDFA has made is that Andrew Allen is a long-time covert operative with service in the Middle East (Afghanistan, only a small stretch, I suppose) and at least tactical deployment in the Far East (Burma). FDFA was able to ferret out this deep background because it has men like Mr. Ostrovsky to advise it.

I had to find these things out for myself. Five years ago when I was in the Bay Area I visited with Allen and he pulled out his travel photos and showed me snapshots of him in Afghanistan wearing Afghan clothes. He was there on a post-college adventure informed by liberal sensibilities that adventurous young men like to have and we had a few laughs over some of his mishaps.

With regard to Allen’s covert operations in the far East, FDFA dug up information that Allen is “not only a member, but also the founder and secretary of the Burma Foundation’s board of directors.” Who knows how many investigators FDFA had working on this one? They got this information by discovering “documents filed by Allen himself with the Internal Revenue Service”!

About three years ago I asked Allen to act as a regional director for Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH). He said sure, and he gave me a little background on himself. Graduate of UC Berkeley in history, attorney, a member of the board of directors of the Burma Foundation. I put it all on the CODOH background sheet and distributed it to the press.

FDFA has yet another piece of strong evidence that Andrew Allen is a deep-cover agent working with and maybe even for the Mossad, the feet that “he does not look like a Mossad agent [my emphasis]." According FDFA’s colleague, former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky, a general rule of thumb is, “'If someone looks like he’s Mossad -- he isn’t.’ Andrew Allen most definitely does not look like he’s Mossad.”

Reading this Report from FDFA the feeling began to grow on me that I have rather a talent for undercover investigation, but now I’m not so sure. Looking around, I see people everywhere who do not look like Mossad! Maybe some of them aren’t. On the other hand, most of them may be. I’ve occasionally suspected my wife of being undercover for the Mexican rurales, but recently I’ve been hearing rumors that in her village in Nayarit the Mossad has infiltrated the tortilleria, so who knows what she’s really up to?

If you are not on Liberty Lobby’s mailing list, send me a S.A.S.E. and I’ll send you the 8-page FDFA pamphlet. On the one hand it’s a typical conspiracy / smear job, on the other it’s one of the most professionally worked-out conspiracy / smear jobs that Willis has produced. Read it closely. At first it looks like something might be there. The more closely you read it, the less there is. In the end, there’s no there there at all. Nothing you can use.

As I read this Liberty Lobby screed, I wonder how it comes about that a man would choose to use his capacity for thought the way Willis has chosen to use his. He’s like a child playing games he invents himself, but using real money and real people. Some of his games aren’t very nice. It reminds me of the wise crack that’s going ‘round.

“How do you tell the difference between Willis Carto and the Hindenburg?”

“One of them is a nazi gas-bag.”

I’d put the emphasis on gas bag.

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