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Published: 1998-03-01

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SR reader Manfred Roeder gets around: last September he was badly beaten by leftist thugs while demonstrating against a traveling exhibition that seeks to smear Germany’s WWII Wehrmacht with “Holocaust” calumnies long reserved for the SS. Despite severe cuts, a concussion, and a broken finger, Roeder was back in the streets agitating against the defamatory show a week later. In December, Roeder made headlines in the U.S. as well as Germany when it was revealed he’d been a speaker and banquet guest of honor at Germany’s most prestigious military academy. His topic: resettlement of Russian-occupied East Prussia, a land that remains largely depopulated over half a century after the expulsion of its native Germans, with ethnic Germans dragged off into the Soviet interior by Stalin.

Carlos Porter continues his quixotic battle with Germany’s Through-the-Looking-Glass-style system of Holocaust justice. Porter, who lives in Belgium, was convicted in absentia in December 1996 after sending copies of his Not Guilty at Nuremberg to certain Germans (see SR 40). Porter’s efforts to defend himself from abroad have largely been based on satirizing absurd Holocaust claims. The problem, of course, is that with the Holocaust the ridiculous and the fervently credited are often indistinguishable, so the German court (now the appeals court in Munich) has pressed on, phlegmatically, stupidly, inexorably: rejecting his claim of inability to appear to injuries inflicting by a pedal-driven brainbashing machine at Sachsenhausen for his failure to specify the date of injury, dismissing a second claim for injuries suffered from radiation bums at Auschwitz due to the lateness of its submission. Not Guilty at Nuremberg has also been added to Germany’s index of books that “endanger youth.”

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Revisionist historian David Irving has established his own Website. Irving’s site boasts information on his own remarkable career as an independent historian, on his many books, and on his newsletter, Focal Point. The site also provides much information, in German as well as in English, on the revisionist challenge to the myth of Auschwitz gassings—including three hitherto unpublished documents from the Auschwitz archives that show extensive construction work on bomb shelters at Auschwitz, strengthening CODOH-linked researcher Samuel Crowell’s thesis that “gas chambers” were likely bomb shelters. Crowell supplied the documents to Irving, and Irving’s site is linked to CODOHWeb.

Journalist Alexander Cockburn, who often passes in America for English despite his Scots ancestry and his Irish upbringing, took careful, revisionist aim last month at the ruckus over Saddam Hussein and his alleged trove of chemical and biological weapons. Cockburn reminded that it was British Minister of War Winston Churchill who urged, following World War I, that poison gas be dropped on Mesopotamian (Iraqi) Arabs resisting the British-ruled “trusteeship” set up by the victorious Entente (under the guise of the “League of Nations”). Churchill remarked: “I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes.” When dropping mustard gas from airplanes proved impracticable, British artillerymen lobbed gas shells at the insurgents. Cockburn further notes that “One of the Air Force officers engaged in these pursuits was Arthur Harris, later known [as] Bomber Harris’ or Butcher Harris’ for directing the terror bombing of German cities like Hamburg and Dresden in the Second World War.” (Alexander Cockburn, “Wild Justice,” New York Press, February 18-24, 1998)

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