Published: 1998-07-01

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  • Ingrid Weckert, author of Flashpoint, a probing revisionist study of the "Kristallnacht" affair, has just been convicted in Germany. Her crime? A literary comparison of the diaries of a wartime concentration camp inmate with those of a German soldier imprisoned by the American forces at Dachau after the war. Federal German judges have decreed that for the offending article, which was published in a recent issue of the leading European revisionist journal Sleipnir, Ingrid Weckert must serve eighty days in jail or pay a fine of 3,500 DM (almost $2,000). Either would be a heavy burden for an elderly woman of scant means who has devoted her life, first as a nurse, and then for many years as an independent revisionist researcher, to healing, helping, and enlightening humankind.
  • This June in Toronto, the ever-resilient Ernst Zuendel knocked his persecutors on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for a loop. As the professedly impartial court ground forward in the expensive proceedings that are aimed at closing down the U.S.-owned and -operated (by Ingrid Rimland) Zuendelsite on the World Wide Web (at pain of Zuendel's arrest), a researcher at the Zuendel-Haus discovered hard evidence that one of the members of the tribunal was anything but impartial: Reva Devins, a Harvard-trained attorney on the panel, had issued a press release hailing Zuendel's conviction (later overturned) the day after it took place, on May 12, 1988. How lawyer Devins's ten-year-old triumph must have turned to ashes in her mouth when she saw that release again! Confronted with the evidence, Canada's suddenly cringing commissars of "human rights" hurriedly adjourned till November 9. Zuendel's not of the (north) woods yet, but once more he has some breathing room.
  • Our busy Australian correspondent Dr. Frederick Toben tried recently to show a film he made from footage he shot at Auschwitz on Australian public television. The film, No Holes, No Holocaust, which includes material based on his visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum with SR's Richard Widmann (see SR 43), is a close examination of whether the remnants of the crematoria of Birkenau support the standard gassing story. Toben, whose Adelaide Institute's Website is currently under investigation by Australian versions of the "human rights" racketeers of Canada, was stymied (why aren't we surprised?) in his television efforts, as the Australian Jewish News (June 5, 1998) crows: "Adelaide Jewish community leaders have forced a community television station to scrap a controversial video about Auschwitz, threatening action under South Australia's Racial Hatred Act."
  • Stanczyk, a journal from Poland that recently came on-way, devoted over half of its second number for 1997 to a detailed analysis by editor Tomasz Gabis of what the Poles call "Rewizjonizm 'Holocaustu.'" A CODOH associate with fluent Polish told us: "Beginning with a fine survey of revisionism from its beginnings in post-WWI America, the article explodes the claim that revisionists are neo-Nazis by pointing out that their roots are all over the ideological map. It discusses in detail the political attitude of the Third Reich against the Jews, noting that while the fate of the Jewish people was bad, so too was the fete of the Poles, the Russians, the Germans, and the Japanese. Gabis employs standard revisionist arguments with remarkable precision and directness against the gas chambers, diesel engines, Zyklon-B, the Wannsee Conference, Himmler's speeches, the 'code words,’ the eyewitness testimony in all its absurdities, and various other 'evidence' advanced for the Holocaust, in a remarkably concise yet encyclopedic survey of revisionism as it stood at the beginning of 1997."
  • Closer to home, SR subscribers, such as Bill Grimstad, and other revisionists continue to press the anti-Zionist Washington Report on Middle East Affairs to take a harder, hipper, more honest position on the Holocaust. Revisionists have been at work for some time to bring the otherwise savvy Israel-watchers who edit the Washington Report (some of them with diplomatic expertise in the Middle East) up to cruising speed on the revisionist case and its policy implication (see SR 37, "CODOH Friends Bring Revisionism to Mideast Journal"). WRMEA's editor printed Grimstad's letter (April 1998), but noted beneath that the magazine would continue to hew to a politically correct, rather than historically accurate, line on the Holocaust. The WRMEA has, to be sure, been civil to us revisionists—but now it seems as if native mid-Eastemers, from Morocco to Iran, are, thanks to Roger Garaudy, Achmed Rami and other champions of Holocaust revisionism, leaving the D.C. Arabists far behind.

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