Published: 1998-09-01

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Dr. Frederick Toben and his associates at the Adelaide Institute pulled off (it seems we revisionists always need to put it that way) a very successful conference in their home base of Adelaide, Australia August 7-9. The numerous revisionists able to attend in person, or who participated by telephone, or who were unable to attend or call but whose work was presented or discussed, constitute a who’s who of international revisionism. Professor Arthur Butz, whose Website report on the conference provided some of the information in this Worldscope, made it Down Under, while Robert Faurisson did not. Professor Faurisson was barred from entering Australia due to “bad character,” that is to say for his conviction under France’s law making it a crime to contest the official version of the Holocaust. Butz assured the conference that, apart from his failure to be convicted under the Gayssot Law, his character is just as bad as Faurisson’s.

One convict who did attend the conference was Switzerland’s Juergen Graf, who delivered a paper on Majdanek, which has become a focal point of revisionist inquiry in recent years (as in CODOH’s research and publicity on the false proof of a gas chamber in the form of a gas tight door from Majdanek exhibited at the USHMM). Graf and his publisher, Gerhard Foerster, a 78-year-old veteran of the Wehrmacht, were convicted in Switzerland in July of “racial discrimination” for contesting the Holocaust. Graf was sentenced to fifteen months in jail and a fine of $5,500, while Foerster got a year’s sentence and the identical fine.

Graf's Majdanek lecture was based on recent work by Carlo Mattogno as well as his own, much of it based on records from Majdanek and Auschwitz which Mattogno and Graf, toiling in the recently opened Moscow archives, have unearthed, translated, and analyzed with patient industry. The indefatigable and prolific Italian researcher recently published a booklength collection and analysis of documents from the files of the Auschwitz Bauleitung, which was responsible for the construction and maintenance of the crematoria. The Auschwitz legend nears its final interment...

Fritz Berg, the inspiration for CODOHWeb’s Berg page on gas chambers, diesels, and typhus, shared via telephone some of his vast expertise as a researcher and an engineer on the practical mechanics of real world delous-ing and execution, and the impractical—and sometime loony—mechanics of the exterminationists.

One lecturer who aroused more than ordinary interest was Dieter Brockschmidt. A veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and the son of an officially recognized “righteous Gentile” from the Second World War, Brockschmidt revealed personal knowledge of the falsity of the Oskar Schindler story as told in Schindler’s List. According to Brockschmidt, whose father knew Schindler well in Cracow, the transfer of Schindler’s Jews to a factory in the Sudetenland was the result, not of his personal charity, but of bribes that went to the notorious kapo, Marcel Goldberg, who compiled the list, and to Plaszow’s notorious commandant, Amon Goeth.

Hats off to Fred Toben and his friends for bringing off so enjoyable and edifying a revisionist conclave!

Even though he was barred from corrupting impressionable Australians by his “bad character,” Robert Faurisson spent a busy summer on behalf of revisionism. His latest initiative, researched and prepared with his usual meticulous care, is a challenge to UNESCO on the matter of Auschwitz. Since the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has officially declared the Auschwitz camp a world cultural property to be protected and preserved, Faurisson has drawn UNESCO’s attention to the numerous violations of the authenticity and integrity of Auschwitz, above all the crude postwar alterations to the building that allegedly housed “gas chamber #1.” Yet another cross for the Auschwitz Mafia to bear!

[Dr. Faurisson's catalogue of postwar Auschwitz tampering, often on the testimony of anti-revisionist authorities, is a brilliant exercise in modern muckraking. For a modest donation (or an excessively generous one) we'll send you a copy of his seven-page letter to UNESCO.]

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