Published: 1998-10-01

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The indomitable David Irving moved forward with his libel suit against exterminationist scold-in-chief Deborah Lipstadt. Lipstadt, now a professor at Emory University (Atlanta), maligned Irving's standing as a historian and bashed him as an extremist and "Holocaust denier" in her book Denying the Holocaust. Irving, who unlike Lipstadt has been writing best-selling books on real history for over three decades, and enriching the world's historical archives with his documentary discoveries, is not standing for Lipstadt's falsehoods. He reports amusingly on his Website of how Britain's organized Jewish community is straining to raise funds for Lipstadt's defense. Meanwhile, the Irving Website continues to be a trove of news, fact, and urbane opinion-including the current contributions of such CODOH associates as SR editor Richard Widmann (Internet Roundup) on the Dachau Massacre. (

Udo Walendy's wife has written a circular letter (translation thanks to Carlos Porter) to say that her husband, 71, is doing well enough ten months into his fifteen-month sentence for "trivializing" the Holocaust and other criminal violations of German law. The Regional Court of Bielefeld rummaged through Walendy's ransacked library to produce the usual evidence and verdict. Walendy, who has written and published against the victors' version of recent German history for over three decades, recently sold his Historische Tatsachen enterprise, that has resulted in over seventy booklets examining every aspect of the case for and against Germany, to a Belgian publisher. Meanwhile, another trial of Walendy for "thought crime[s]" is on-going in Herford—in this one, Walendy has already been sentenced to an additional fourteen months, not for what he wrote, but "for what he didn't write," according to the court.

Danish revisionists Marianne Herlufsdatter and Ole Kreiberg helped revisionism to a massive breakthrough in Denmark when they ably championed the case against the Holocaust on national TV September 16th (re-run September 17th). Denmark's Jewish lobby had overreached itself by trying to brand as "racism" aid from Danish high school students to Palestinian refugees, coupled with the publication of a brochure on Israeli human rights violations. An ensuing discussion on whether every "anti-Jewish" opinion (including Holocaust revisionism) should be banned resulted in (wonder of wonders!) the presence of writers Herlufsdatter (translator with her husband of Did Six Million Really Die? into Danish) and Kreiberg on Danish State Television Channel 1, where they unequivocally rejected the gas chamber myth. Afterwards, Denmark's biggest tabloid, Ekstra Bladet, defended revisionists' freedom of speech.

When revisionists think of German-Canadians, we automatically think of Ernst Zuendel, but fourth-generation German-Canadian Paul Fromm has been standing up for freedom of expression for revisionists and against bullying by Canada's "thought controllers" and professed "Nazi hunters" for most of the last two decades. Most recently Fromm, who was stripped of his job as a high school teacher thanks to political incorrectness a year ago, led a demonstration in Kitchener, Ontario on behalf of Helmut Oberlander, up for deportation from Canada because he served in the Waffen SS as a seventeen-year-old more than half a century ago. Fromm, also outspoken on behalf of CODOH ads north of the border, heads CAFE (Canadian Association for Free Expression), P.O. Box 332, Station “B” Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 5L3, Canada.

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