Published: 1998-12-01

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John Bennett, founder and president of the Australian Civil Liberties Union, sends CODOH a warm hello from Down Under, where he has promoted revisionist scholarship and defended revisionist rights for more than twenty years. As Arthur Butz recently noted, “[Bennett’s] annual Your Rights booklet has made it the case that Australia is the only country in which revisionist material has been consistently and readily available to the general public.”

Also in Australia, Dr. Fredrick Toben and his Adelaide Institute’s energetic efforts on behalf of revisionism are keeping them in the vortex of public controversy. On November 2, Dr. Toben walked out of a hearing of Australia’s so-called Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission after he learned that the truth would not be considered a defense against bogus charges of “hate” directed against AI's Website. (HREOC’s “investigation” followed a complaint by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.)

In October, the belated news that Khalifa Bakhit Alfalasi, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Australia, had attended the AI’s international revisionist conference (see Worldscope, SR 57) in August “spark[ed] Jewish Holocaust ire” (as a headline in the October 25 Weekend Australian had it). Readers of SR 51 will recall that last January the wife of the president of the UAE contributed the equivalent of $50,000 to Roger Garaudy’s defense in Paris. The Arab diplomat’s presence at the AI conference is evidence of the continued strong interest in Holocaust revisionism in the Arab and Muslim nations.

Revisionist journalist, historian and activist Michael A. Hoffman II was at it again in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where he picketed visiting ADL Seattle Regional Director Bruce Kort on November 18. Hoffman and his fellow demonstrators distributed fliers pointing to ADL’s seamy history of surveillance, spying, and thought control, and drew area media coverage. Between being picketed, suffering CODOH’s campus reward ads, and enduring recent gains for ADL’s opponents in the civil suit arising from ADL’s police state-style snoopery in California, the self-described “civil rights” group is feeling some heat for a change.

In Europe, more brutal suppression of opponents of the Holocaust cult. In Spain, publisher Pedro Varela was sentenced to five years in prison in mid-November for stirring up “hate” through disseminating “Holocaust denial.” In Germany, where thousands are in prison for historical and political “thought crime,” Guenter Deckert, who has already served over three years for daring to question Holocaust dogma, had more time tacked on his sentence as prosecutors dredged up old and flimsy charges for trial. Deckert, a graduate of Heidelberg and a former high school teacher, had served as chairman of Germany’s National Democratic Party.

Ernst Zuendel has launched a massive multi-million dollar suit against some of his most persistent persecutors, in Canadian Jewish organizations as well as in the government, for their role last June in obtaining passage of a special parliamentary resolution depriving him of the right to hold a press conference at Canada’s Parliament building in Ottawa. Despite fifteen years of unremitting persecution, which includes the ongoing effort to close down the Website that is owned and operated by his associate Ingrid Rimland in the United States, Zuendel, his faithful advocate Doug Christie at his side, is once again on the attack!

PRESS CLIPPINGS I continue to depend on readers for press clippings on revisionism generally and the Campus Project specifically. From the campus press, the city press, and any and all other sources.

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