Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists

Published: 1997-09-01

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The latest issue of The Journal of Historical Review is a winner, featuring new research and new commentary from stellar JHR contributors from years past, plus encouraging news on Holocaust revisionism’s progress abroad Robert Faurisson with a new “primer” on Auschwitz, and his views on the Roger Garandy/Abbé Pierre affairs (see SR#’s 33, 36, & 37); Arthur Butz on the enigmatic “Vergassungskeller” at Auschwitz Krematorium II as an airtight shelter against air (gas) attacks (corroborating Samuel Crowell’s findings); Ted O’Keefe cm the historical evidence regarding Mel Mermelstein, his family, and Auschwitz unearthed during the second Mermelstein case; and reports on major, large-circulation Holocaust revisionist publications in Russia, Poland and Turkey. All this, plus additional news from Western Europe underscores the pre-eminence of JHR as America’s leading revisionist journal. (Copies of this issue are available for $7.50 from IHR, P.O. Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659.)

Michael A. Hoffman II ( has become the first Holocaust revisionist to our knowledge to be published by the Palestinian National Authority (which, presided over by Yasir Arafet, governs the nascent Palestinian state) on its Website ( His article: “The Hamas Bombings in Context.” Hoffman, an indefatigable, imaginative, hardhitting writer, is a leader in building a growing understanding of the revisionist position on the Holocaust—and its importance—among Palestinians, Arabs, and the Islamic world. Most recently, the work of Hoffman and other such apostles of revisionism as Achmed Rami (Radio Islam—see SR 45 [p. 3]), Roger Garaudy, not to mention CODOH’s Website bore fruit in a televised interview last August 25 on the official Palestinian TV network in which a Palestinian intellectual stated that the number of Jewish deaths in the “Holocaust” had been determined by scholarly research to be no more than 400,000, and pointed out that Israelis “have profiled materially, spiritually, politically and economically from the talk about the Nazi killings.” (Reported by Reuters, August 27, 1997)

In the current (August-September) issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs John Cornelius argues (“The Balfour Declaration and the Zimmermann Note”) that German Zionists, not British cryptanalysts, made British diplomats privy to a secret contingency plan whereby Germany’s ambassador to America would seek an alliance with Mexico should America declare war on Germany. (The hubbub that resulted when Great Britain passed the contents of German Foreign Minister Zimmermann’s ill-starred telegram to the U.S. helped mightily to fuel interventionist sentiment in America.) Cornelius’s article is not conclusive, but he does honest students of history a service by re-opening the important (and so for unanswered) question of the quid pro quo for the Balfour Declaration: what was the Zionist obligation in the presumed deal by which the British government promised to “look with favor” on the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine? (See SR37 for an account of the rare willingness of WRMEA—which enjoys the active support of influential former American legislators and diplomats—to publish letters from Holocaust revisionists, several of them CODOH supporters.)

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