Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists

Published: 1997-10-01

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“I hereby make a commitment that I shall not buy and I shall not pay for my freedom. No one has ever bought me and no one ever will buy me. I shall not pay your fine and you will put me in prison if you like.” With those defiant words Robert Faurisson concluded his defense against the charge of denying the Holocaust in yet another trial in a Paris court on September 25. The prosecutor had asked that Faurisson be fined over $4,000 for violating France’s Fabius-Gayssot law, which explicitly criminalizes contesting the factuality of the Holocaust the usual bevy of Jewish and “survivor" organizations assisted in the prosecution. Faurisson’s crime this time: having sent a letter of correction to a French news agency. The court is expected to rule on October 23, at which time the nearly 70-year-old revisionist may become France's leading prisoner of conscience.

Doug Collins, the brave Canadian journalist who has long been the target of Holocaustomaniacs in Canada, has announced his retirement as columnist for the North Shore News (North Vancouver, British Columbia). Collins and his newspaper were recently tried before the British Columbian Human Rights Council for allegedly slurring Canadian Jewry through an uncomplimentary column Collins wrote on the movie Schindler's List (the case evidently won’t be decided until next year). It is our understanding that Doug Collins, though a still lively 77, had decided to retire some time before the BCHRC trial farce, and will remain active as a writer, let every revisionist, and every fighter for freedom and truth everywhere, tip his or her hat to this late twentieth-century rarity: a brave, honest, and honorable journalist!

Canadian author James Bacque is back in the news with another blockbuster. Bacque’s book Other Losses created a sensation that roiled major media and academia with its charges that Dwight Eisenhower and other American and French authorities deliberately allowed millions of German POW’s in their custody to die after Germany’s surrender. Now Bacque has homed in on the postwar starvation of the defeated Germans. His book Crimes and Mercies provides new evidence and a new overview of something many revisionists are aware of, and that Germans who lived through the grim years 1946 and 1947 have long known: Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau’s genocidal scheme was not shelved, but was put into practice with catastrophic postwar losses among Germans.

There’s good news out of Sweden, where the Swedish justice department has just dropped charges (of inciting anti-Semitism) against Ahmed Rami’s Radio Islam Web site. The Swedish government had moved against Rami’s strongly Holocaust revisionist Web site last June, shortly after a poll of Swedish secondary school students revealed that a third of them doubted the official history of the Holocaust (see SR 45, “High Court Lights Up a Glorious Fourth...”). Swedish authorities were hampered in their attempts to fix responsibility for the contents of the Radio Islam Web site by the fact that at least 23 persons in several countries have access to and are able to post materials to his site.

As fate would have it New York’s Holocaust museum opened on September 11, about the same time Bacque launched his attack on the Morgenthau Plan. And who was the biggest fund-raiser for the new museum? None else but Henry Morgenthau’s son Robert (who was able to add additional muscle to his pitches by virtue of his powerful position as Manhattan district attorney). Omitting (naturally) any reference to his father’s plan to starve Germany, the New York Times account of the opening hailed Henry as “the most tenacious advocate of an American rescue of the Jews during World War II" (“After 50 Years of Struggle, Redemption,” September 14, 1997). The only audible protest against the new museum: a lawsuit brought by hyper-Orthodox rabbis against the museum’s inclusion of homosexuals as Holocaust victims.

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