Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists

Published: 1997-07-01

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  • It looks as if the eternally embattled Ernst Zuendel has scored a partial victory by eliminating the Canadian Human Rights Commission as a co-prosecutor in the Canadian “human rights” hearing to deprive him of free speech via his American-based Website. Meanwhile, an even bigger bombshell, if you’ll pardon the expression, is shaping up around the indictment of two shadowy Marxist and “animal-rights” activists in the 1995 attempt to murder Zuendel with a pipe bomb. The arrest warrant, as yet unserved, links the two would-be assassins to Jewish benefactors, anti-revisionist “activists" in the Toronto area. More as this story develops...
  • In another Canadian “human rights” commission effort to punish and muzzle free expression on the Holocaust controversy, the trial of Doug Collins and the North Shore News (North Vancouver, British Columbia) for (retrospectively) writing and publishing an allegedly sacrilegious column of the movie Schindler's List, concluded at the end of June. Rights commissar Nitya Iyer, acting as a one-woman tribunal, will now decide whether the offending column infringed Jews’ sensibilities and what penalties, if any, should be imposed on the paper and its columnist.
  • Books for a “New Age” Library on the Holocaust Controversy

    Will these New-Age books on the Holocaust controversy affect the thinking of our Old-Age scholars and media intellectuals? We'll have to wait and see.

    • The Gas Chambers of the Gods
    • Denying the Truth: Holocaust Fundamentalism for the New Age
    • The Gerstein Prophecy
    • The Shroud of Zyklon: Legend or Pious Fraud?
    • Hermetic Teachings of the Gas Chambers: Charging Your Body with Zyclon Crystals
  • Nowhere has suppression of Holocaust revisionism—scholarly or otherwise—been as systematic as in Germany. At last there’s a systematic, scholarly and passionate German answer and challenge to official obscurantism, in the form of the massive Unterdrueckung und Verfolgung Deutscher Patrioten: Gesinnungsdiktatur in Deutschland? (Suppression and Persecution of German Patriots: Dictatorship of Opinion in Germany?), a 657-page collection of dozens of articles on every aspect—legal, philosophical, intellectual, historical—of Germany’s latter-day dictatorship of opinion regarding the Holocaust, by dozens of authors from Ph.D.’s (Alfred Schickel, Ernst Topitsch, Rolf Kosiek. Hans Nawratil) to legal experts (Juergen Rieger) to activists (Manfred Roeder). Everything you wanted know about suppression of free speech on the Holocaust and on the national question in Germany, and how its increasing tempo in line with establishment efforts at ingratiating itself with New York, Brussels and Jerusalem threaten the real Germany's mind and soul. (Hutten-Verlag, 25884 Vioel/ Nordfriesland, Germany.)
  • The second issue of Vierteljahreshejle fuer freie Geschichtsforschung (Quarterly for Free Historical Research), from the cover of which we have taken the illustration on the front page of this issue of SR, includes articles by such revisionist kingpins as Robert Faurisson. Carlo Mattogno, editor Germar Rudolf and CODOH associate Richard Widmann. The German-language review, published in Flanders (Stiftung VHO, Postbus 60, B-2600 Berchem 2. Belgien [Flandern]) is now quite possibly the world’s leading revisionist journal.
  • Sleipnir, a highly intelligent revisionist and “nationalist” magazine published in Berlin by the Verlag der Freunde, is out again (the previous issue was seized by German police for “denigrating” this or that [unspecified in the warrant] symbol of state patriotism). The latest issue contains Bradley Smith’s hard-hitting confrontation with America’s professional Jewish Holocaustomaniacs (SR #32, May 1996) which we hope is not grounds for another police raid and seizure (Sleipnir, Verlag der Freunde, Postfach 350211, 10211 Berlin).
  • Down in the Antipodes, freewheeling Aussie philosopher and revisionist Fredrick Toben (see SR 43, May 1997, “Internet Roundup”) is, as noted in the cover story of this issue, being brought up on charges by Australia's Human Rights (hah!) and Equal Opportunity Commission for publishing “malicious anti-Jewish propaganda” on the Website of his Adelaide Institute. To wit, the AI: “denies the existence of the Holocaust, blames Jewish people for the actions of Stalin and threatens violence against Jewish people.” The hearing begins September 29. Adelaide Institute, PO Box 3300, Norwood 5067, Australia.
  • The CODOH conspiracy (who said we don’t believe in 'em?) to spread the revisionist word through the writings of Bradley Smith advances with publication of Brad’s article. “The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate” in issue #2 of the alternative quarterly The Hoover Hog: A Review of Dangerous Ideas, 621 Kings Row, Charleston, WV 25314.
  • How does a Holocaust true believer run afoul of the keepers of the flame of Holocaustomania? When he dares expose a Jewish-led “holocaust” of Germans. That’s what Jewish author John Sack did, in his account of the postwar camps in Communist-occupied parts of the Reich An Eye for an Eye, where hundreds of thousands of Germans died Re one commandant, the Polish Jewess Lola Potak, Sack points out: “The truth was that the Germans in Lola's prison were worse off than Lola had been at Auschwitz...” Sack's scheduled address to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum last February was canceled at the last minute by the museum’s director. The June/July issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs recently commended in SR for its fairness in printing letters from revisionists on the Holocaust, has done a very creditable write-up on the Sack affair, including the orchestrated ignoring or trashing of An Eye for an Eye by the press.

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