Published: 1998-01-01

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The ongoing Canadian witchhunt against the foremost exponent of Holocaust revisionism north of the border, Ernst Zuendel, turned even uglier as the numerous state and Jewish agencies ranged against him stooped to having Zuendel’s estranged wife, Irene, testify against him at hearings designed to muzzle Ernst and the U.S.-based, independently operated Zuendelsite of the World Wide Web. Zuendel, who has survived numerous investigations, trials, arrest, physical attacks, and assassination attempts, has borne up against this betrayal with his customary' fortitude. In December his valiant attorney, Doug Christie, embarrassed Zuendel’s treacherous wife and her various sponsors in a cutting cross-examination that revealed her alleged revulsion at Zuendel’s beliefs to be rather more recent than pretended.

Akribeia (from the Greek for “accuracy, precision”) is the name of a new revisionist journal from France. Its editor is Jean Plantin, an experienced revisionist and associate of Robert Faurisson. The first issue concentrates on the pregnant role of rumor and legend in modem history, and includes articles on that theme by the famous Franco-Jewish historian Marc Bloch and the French scholar of linguistics Albert Dauzat, plus articles on the rumor of a WWI Russian landing in Britain, and Carlo Mattogno on what the Allies and neutrals knew of the alleged final solution in 1941-42. Also capsule descriptions of articles in various revisionist publications, including SR. Akribeia, 45/3, route de Vourles, 69230 Saint-Genis-Laval, FRANCE. Issue: 120 French francs surface, 130 FF air mail. Subscription (2 issues): 200 FF surface, 220 FF air.

Smith’s Report is attracting growing notice abroad. L’Autre Histoire (October 1997), devoted four pages, complete with maps and diagrams, to SR’s expose (#42, April 1994) of Elie Wiesel’s fantastic claim to have survived a 60-yard flight and impact after being struck by a taxicab in Manhattan forty years ago (good reading for President Bowen, that [see lead article].) L’Autre Histoire also calls CODOHWeb “the world’s hottest revisionist rendezvous” [L’Autre Histoire, BP 3, 35134 Coesmes, Bretagne, FRANCE]... Meanwhile, the Flemish Stichting Vrij Historisch Onderzoek [Foundation for Free Historical Research] included a copy of the first page of SR 47’s article exposing Auschwitz perjurer and USHMM founder Hadas-sah Bimko Rosensaft in its December 1997 bulletin (we don’t have a current address for this Belgian group).

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