Zionism and the Ivy League

Published: 1992-10-01

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Midstream is an occasionally interesting Zionist publication that I've read off and on for twenty-five years. In April '92 it published an article on CODOH and the Campus Project titled "Revisionism, Free Speech, and the Campus" by Carlos C. Huerta, a writer living in Jerusalem.

Huerta writes that "perhaps the most revealing thing to come out of this campus blitz is the reaction of faculty and students to the ad. What is becoming increasingly clear is that Holocaust revisionism is becoming stronger and that our students... are not only unable to deal analytically with revisionism, but as Bradley Smith correctly recognizes, are a good breeding ground to develop and push forward revisionist positions.

"It is not only our students that should cause us concern. Cornell's President Frank H. T. Rhodes' first reaction to the [CODOH] advertisement was in a letter to the Cornell Daily Sun where he said the 'free and open debate on a wide range of ideas, however outrageous or offensive some of them may be, lies at the heart of a university community.'" Hurray!

After the Cornell rabbis got on his case, however, President Rhodes signed a second piece for the Daily Sun stating:

"There is no need to debate the existence of the Holocaust, and we condemn those who would attempt to demean its victims."

It appears that, when President Rhodes finds himself up against the rabbis, of whatever profession, he hasn't got any more backbone than the SS did when it was being faced down by those Ayran spouses.

Sinking Auschwitz

Huerta writes that traditionally Jews have dealt with revisionism and revisionists by not engaging in open debate and by exposing their "real or imagined" neo-nazi connections. Many Jews, however, have "a sense of American fair play" and can't understand "what they perceive as personal, slanderous attacks against revisionists. They ask the obviously simple question that, if revisionism is so wrong and absurd, why not simply expose it as such and end the issue...

"Bradley Smith is doing the community a service. He is beginning to make many Americans, both Jewish and non-Jewish, realize that the traditional method of dealing with Holocaust revisionism by ignoring it will no longer suffice."

That's what I've been telling the rabbis and their minions for years. Let's relax, talk things over. But I think the rabbis have some crazy idea that they can make up for those Berlin Jews and the other hundreds of thousands of survivor Jews who swore oaths to the SS, or to themselves, not to make a fuss over the genociding of millions of Jews while it was going on. Now that half a century has passed, it looks like the rabbis believe it's time to stand up and be counted.

An Auschwitz tour guide told a group of youths from the Kansas City area that "70 percent of Poles today do not believe that the Holocaust occured." (Kansas City Star, 5 August '92. ) [Webmaster's remark: what weed was that tour guide smoking?]

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