Zuendel, Christie Spook the Spooks

Star Chamber Hearings in Ottawa Postponed Indefinitely
Published: 1996-07-01

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On June 11 the Canadian government's Security Intelligence Review Committee announced it was postponing indefinitely hearings on whether Ernst Zuendel represented a danger to the Canadian state. This followed by one day a brilliant argument by Zuendel's superb attorney, Doug Christie (ably assisted by Barbara Kulaszka) in an "apprehension of bias" motion against the SIRC before Judge Doug Heald. While the judge declined to rule on Zuendel's motion immediately, Christie's performance was evidently so daunting to the government that the SIRC hastily abandoned its plans to bring the German-Canadian revisionist before the closed hearing.

The involvement of lawyers from the Immigration Ministry and the Attorney General's office as well as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service in the affair leaves little doubt that the game was to brand Zuendel a subversive, if not a terrorist, and then deport him to the cozy prison cell undoubtedly waiting for him in his homeland.

One factor that doubtless unnerved the spy and censorship apparatus that masquerades as "justice" and "security" in Canada is the evidence Zuendel was able to present of the vipers' nest of improprieties, crimes and corruption at the heart of Canadian intelligence revealed by the exposure of Grant Bristow, an agent and agent provocateur who infiltrated the far-right "Heritage Front." Bristow's activities, "legal" as well as criminal, bring to mind our own FBI's notorious COINTELPRO program, which involved disrupting American dissident groups, from Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference to the Ku Klux Klan, in various shady and shabby ways, just as the Canadian police and spy agencies' hand-in-glove work with Jewish groups recalls the sort of liaison Anti-Defamation League spy Roy Bullock provided between ADL and sources in the San Francisco police.

Well, once again a tip of the (hard) hat to Ernst, who keeps rolling over one legal threat after another (in March, Canadian prosecutors refused to press Holocaust harpy Sabina Citron's charges of defamation and race hatred— she'll be suing in civil court later this year). My politics and his are rather different—but I marvel at the determination and fearlessness Ernst has displayed in his single-minded struggle to speak the facts on the Holocaust, against all obstacles, and wonder at the energy and electricity this simple (complicated) German generates.

(You can obtain a free sample copy of Ernst Zuendel’s newsletter, Power, by writing him at: 206 Carlton St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 2L1, Canada.) [actually, not anymore; ed.]

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Title: Zuendel, Christie Spook the Spooks, Star Chamber Hearings in Ottawa Postponed Indefinitely
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 34, July 1996, p. 5
Published: 1996-07-01
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