No Holes, No Holocaust

Published: 2004-12-01
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Auschwitz is synonymous for "The Holocaust," the murder of six million Jews. At Auschwitz, most of the Jews murdered are said to have been poisoned with Zyklon B. This product, consisting of liquid hydrogen cyanide absorbed in gypsum granules, is said to have been poured in by SS men through openings in the ceiling of some of the rooms said to have been homicidal gas chambers. But what if it can be shown that these holes did not exist at that time? Then the murders cannot have happened as claimed. Then all the witnesses on whose testimony this story rests would be exposed as liars.

"No Holes, No Holocaust" is an expression coined by French revisionist Prof. Dr. Robert Faurisson. It sums up what the consequence of such a successful proof would be. The papers in this series deal with this issue.

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Author(s) Carlo Mattogno, Germar Rudolf
Title No Holes, No Holocaust
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