CODOH at the Northwestern University, Evanston; 1991

Published: 1000-10-10

The Contemporary Issue No subject enrages America's thought police more than Holocaust revisionism. The politically correct line on the Holocaust story is, simply, it happened. You don't debate "it." You do debate every other historical event of course, but the Holocaust is an exception. If someone does express doubt about …

When this newspaper printed Bradley Smith's advertisment last Thursday ("The Holocaust Story," April 4, page 11), it fanned not one, but two, gathering controversies on campus. The first concerns our knowledge about the Nazi massacre of the Jews of Europe. The second centers on the policies of The Daily itself. …

In his "Plain Talk" perspective Thursday about the Holocaust and Revisionism, Professor Peter Hayes charges me with manipulation, deception, distortion, ignorance, intimidation, nastiness, dishonesty, duplicity, maliciousness, tastelessness, the browbeating of academics like himself, conspiracy mongering, promoting implausibilities and spreading disinformation. Hayes evaded the challenge of addressing content, however, so I …

A fireside featuring controversial electrical engineering Assoc. Prof. Arthur Butz scheduled for last night was canceled because of student outrage and conflicts with the Jewish holiday of Purim. Butz, a "Holocaust revisionist," denies that the Nazis had a policy of mass killings of Jews during World War II. He was …

A lot of complaints to The Daily in the past week have not been about misquotes, errors or bad headlines, amazingly enough. Most regarded a full-page advertisement from Bradley R Smith that ran April 4, advocating open debate and free speech on the Holocaust. Others were about Bill Colwell's perspective …
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Title: CODOH at the Northwestern University, Evanston; 1991
Published: 1000-10-10
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