Doug Collins Under New Fire for Holocaust Views

Published: 1994-11-01

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This is a series of four papers on the initiation of legal action against the Canadian journalist and historical dissident Doug Collins.

Over the years, few Canadian writers have delighted and aggravated more readers than Doug Collins. Now semi-retired, the feisty, articulate British-born journalist regularly still turns out an often-provocative column for the widely-read North Shore News of North Vancouver, British Columbia. No stranger to controversy, Collins has recently come under fire …

[From the North Shore News, Oct. 7, 1994] There I was, barely off the plane from a holiday in England, when a callow youth from the morning trash sheet called me to ask why a couple of my columns had appeared in a sinister magazine in the US called The …

[From the North Shore News, Oct. 16, 1994] The subject is heresy and heretics, because it seems that I am one. I am in good company. One of the greatest heretics was William Tyndale, who first put the Bible into English. The Roman Catholic Church objected because it thought it …

[Reprinted from the North Shore News, Oct. 9, 1994] To the Editor, The Province: The article you ran by Gordon Clark on Oct. 5 ("Holocaust just a story: Collins") was the grottiest piece of "Journalism" I have seen in a long time. And that's saying something. I did not deny …
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Title: Doug Collins Under New Fire for Holocaust Views
Published: 1994-11-01
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