From the Records of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial

Published: 2003-02-01

In 1999, Germar Rudolf managed to buy from a lawyer a complete set of the investigation records leading up to the infamous "Auschwitz trial" at Frankfurt, Germany, in 1963-1966. Only after settling into his new (temporary) home in America in 2002 did he find the time to start reading them. This series contains a number of papers he subsequently wrote and published on his analysis of these records. The series got interrupted when Rudolf got arrested and deported back to Germany in late 2005.

How it began… On March 1, 1958, Adolf Rögner, an inmate in Bruchsal Prison, south-west Germany, filed charges with the Stuttgart prosecutor against one Oberscharführer Wilhelm Boger, who he accused of mistreatment and mass murder of inmates of the concentration camp Auschwitz. In his accusation he pointed out that he …

Professional Denouncer-Witness-Criminal As described in Part 1 of this series in the last issue, the investigation of crimes allegedly committed at concentration camp Auschwitz was initiated by charges filed by criminal convict Adolf Rögner,[1] whom Stuttgart public prosecutor Weber described several times as a "contradictory and psychopathic professional criminal", …

1. From Single Prosecution to Giant Trial As the first two parts of this series reported,[1] the judicial investigations concerning crimes committed in concentration camp Auschwitz were initiated in early 1958 due to the accusation by Adolf Rögner, who was at that time in prison. Stuttgart prosecutor Weber had …

In late 1958 and early 1959, public prosecutor Weber of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Stuttgart, Germany, received a large number of witness statements, mainly consisting of accusations against Wilhelm Boger, who was already in custody at that time for crimes allegedly committed by him in the former concentration camp …

A Potpourri of Lies Filip Müller is probably one of the best known witnesses who reported intensively about mass exterminations in the Birkenau camp.[1] Together with two other witnesses, Müller was tracked down by Hermann Langbein from the communist International Auschwitz Committee, and their statements were sent to the …

Unfit for Labor in Auschwitz[1] "Since I now was no longer fit to work, I feared that I would be gassed. It had become general knowledge that all those unfit for work were gassed." This is from the statement by witness Rajzla Sadowska (p. 657), who thus follows the …

Internal Contradictions The statements of witness Erwin Valentin made during the pre-trial investigations leading to the Auschwitz trial contain some very telling contradictions. Valentin stated that in 1940 he was sent to the Jewish labor camp of Neutomischel (Warthegau) due to his non-Aryan (that is: Jewish) descent, where he, as …

On April 6, 1958, an arrest warrant was issued against Klaus Dylewski for his alleged involvment in the selection of inmates for gassings at Auschwitz (p. 988).[1] During his subsequent interrogation, Dylewski stated that, during his wartime presence at Auschwitz, he was responsible for issues dealing with escapes. According …
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