In Memoriam Jean-Claude Pressac

Published: 2003-11-01

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Contributions on occasion of the passing away of the French Auschwitz expert Jean-Claude Pressac.

When Jean-Claude Pressac suddenly died at the early age of 59 on the 23rd of July 2003, I was deeply moved. I had never met him personally; however, on account of his important role in the 'Holocaust' controversy, I had been involved with him since 1991, when I began my …

In May of 1993 great doings were afoot at Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Physics in Stuttgart. One of the young PhD candidates there had become involved in a scandal, which was making news throughout Germany. The name of the PdD candidate was Germar Rudolf, the author of these lines. …

In spring of 1987, the first issue of the journal Annales d'Histoire Révisionniste appeared in France, containing, i.a., a long article authored by me, "Le mythe de l'extermination des Juifs. Introduction historico-bibliographique à l'historiographie révisionniste".[1] Other articles contributed by me appeared in the issues no. 3 and 5.[2] …

On February 17th, 2001 I drove my rental car from Le Vesinet - where I was visiting friends - down to La Ville du Bois, about a two hour drive on a nice, sunny afternoon to drop in at Jean-Claude Pressac's pharmacy and hope to find and meet him at …
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Published: 2003-11-01
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