The David Cole Affair


In 1992, the US-American of Jewish background David Cole made a documentary on the alleged gas chamber shown to tourists at the former Auschwitz concentration camp. This video and Cole's subsequent revisionist activities and statements attracted a lot of attention and ultimately resulted in Cole receiving death threats from a group of Jewish extremists. This series collects a number of items relating to this affair.

Foreword Professor Deborah Lipstadt, author of Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, is the leading voice on college campuses and in the media arguing against intellectual freedom with regard to the holocaust controversy. She is passionate — well, obsessive — about not wanting to exchange views …

Note: The following piece was posted by the Jewish Defense League at: This piece probably represents the single worst piece of hate ever posted on the World Wide Web. We have reproduced this piece here to help explain what happened and what was done to David Cole. The original …

Note: CODOH has not heard from David Cole and does not have absolute confirmation of the validity of the document that follows. We ask that all intelligent readers read this carefully and compare it to David's earlier works. This statement appeared on the JDL website, where it replaced the threats …

The other shoe dropped in the David Cole affair. As we surmised, the veiled death threats of the Jewish Defense League, designed to frighten and intimidate, finally had their effect: David Cole has now formally renounced his revisionist views. In a two page letter that reads like a Nuremberg affidavit …

There's a threat on the Internet. "We must get rid of this monster" the internet page reads, who is a "cancerous sore" and "must be eliminated altogether." He is "an abominable psychopath" who, if stopped will "remove a dangerous parasitic, disease-ridden bacteria from infecting society." Just so no one misses …

On January 2, 1998, David Cole renounced Holocaust revisionism and all of the work that he had done for the cause of historical truth. Many people are wondering what happened. What brought on this change of heart? From all appearances it was a result of threats made against him by …

(Note: this article was published on Stein’s Website . It’s the first time he has written about this affair. His blog posts and videos have been featured on Fox News, The Rush Limbaugh Show, O’,, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times,, Human Events, Ace of Spades HQ, …

David Cole was interviewed by Ry Dawson from Anti-Neocons Report on April 04, 2014, about Holocaust revisionism and his experiences with it. You can listen to the complete interview either or at the links given below. (An audio file should be displayed here, but your browser does not support auto …

The three-page introduction serves to set the scene of a self-declared-reluctant author giving an interview to a late-arriving reporter of the JTA—Jewish Telegraph Agency. As he sits in a bar awaiting the reporter’s arrival he reflects upon his own alcoholism and how he had experienced social condemnation because of his …
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