"The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics" and its repercussions

Published: 1000-10-10

Roger Garaudy's revisionist and anti-Zonist book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics caused quite a stir in France when it was first published in 1996. This series contains the book itself plus documents pertinent to the "affair" caused by it.

No "Right to Reply" (yet written in our law) was granted to me by the media when they discharged the worst lies against my book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. I was walled up in silence. Only Abbé Pierre dared raise his great voice. By enacting laws that …

The Garaudy affair began in January 1996 and that of Abbe Pierre in April of the same year. The two episodes, taken together, occupied an important place in the media up until Abbe Pierre's retraction, announced on July 23. Their most positive consequence is contained in two articles by historian …

The cover of the June 27-July 3 edition of L'Evénement du jeudi includes a picture of Abbe Pierre and has as its headline: "The Holocaust: a victory for the Revisionists." Inside the journal some 10 pages are devoted to this story [p. 16-25]; as well, there are references to it …

Concluding the tenth chapter of his novel Moravagine, the French poet, Blaise Cendrars, describes the social ferment that pervaded Tsarist Russia on the eve of revolution: "Everything was thrown out of kilter: institutions, family traditions, the notion of honor. A frantic loosening of all ties, which was mistaken for mysticism, …

"Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death." George Orwell Abbe Pierre, a Roman Catholic priest known for championing France's poor and homeless was condemned for supporting the author of a book that presents revisionist arguments which cast doubt on more traditional beliefs about the holocaust. Abbe Pierre, 83, is …
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Title: "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics" and its repercussions
Published: 1000-10-10
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