Obese Corpse Causes Crematorium to Burn Down
Obese Corpse Causes Crematorium to Burn Down

"Holocaust survivors" frequently claim that huge flames billowed out of crematorium chimneys at Auschwitz and other German wartime camps. (See image to the right, drawn by David Olère, taken from: Serge Klarsfeld (ed.), David Olère: A Painter in the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz, New York: The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, 1989.) Revisionists have claimed for a long time, and substantiated it with proof, that only under the unlikely condition of an extreme amount of fat placed in a cremation muffle could flames come out of a crematorium chimney (see C. Mattogno's paper "Flames and Smoke from the Chimneys of Crematoria". This fact has now been confirmed by a mainstream media report detailing how crematoria in Austria and Germany have caught fire due to obese persons being incinerated. The latest report by Fox News on June 06, 2012, with the title "Obese woman's body fat causes Austrian crematorium to burn down", writes about a 440 lbs corpse causing air filters to clog, leading to the overheating of the muffle and subsequently to a fire consuming the whole building. Since obesity was rather rare in wartime Germany, especially among Jews in German camps, it can be considering impossible that any cremation muffle of the German crematoria could have been stuffed with sufficient amounts of adipose tissue from human corpses to cause "flaming chimneys," which, as the above example shows, would actually have meant that basically the crematory itself was in acute danger of burning down. That's not exactly what the Germans would have wanted to achieve under any circumstances.

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Jim on Feb. 12, 2016, 12:14 p.m.

Fellow "H" doubters. Latest trial for Reinhold Hanning,94, for accessory of 170,000 deaths. So-called "survivor and "witness" reported flames from crematory chimney. This site gave the scientific reason why this was impossible! Thanks for presenting the unbiased facts. JAG