Vincent Reynouard live with Carolyn Yeager
Vincent Reynouard live with Carolyn Yeager

French revisionist scholar Vincent Reynouard is best known for his detailed study of the wartime events at the French village of Oradour. He has been severely persecuted by the French authorities over the past twenty years, in the course of which he had to pay hefty fines and spent numerous months in prison. See his website here. Carolyn Yeager will interview Vincent tomorrow, Saturday afternoon, June 9, from 2 to 4pm Eastern time (11AM -1PM Pacific). Carolyn announces it as follows:

"The well-loved (and hated), high-profile French revisionist Vincent Reynouard will help Carolyn inaugurate her new daytime program. Vincent will tell us about the latest developments in his life and work, the on-going persecutions against him by the French government (unfortunately), and why aggressive historical and holocaust revisionism is essential to the struggle for freedom."
This program will be available for download at shortly after the live broadcast.

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