Survivor Miracles in Austria
Survivor Miracles in Austria

The Jewish daily newspaper The Jerusalem Post posted an article today (June 24, 2012), according to which Gideon Eckhaus, head of the Central Committee for Jews in Austria, claimed that today there are still "between 12,000 and 14,000 Austrian victims of the Holocaust across the world [who] are living in poverty and are in need of medical attention that they frequently cannot afford." He asked for Austria to pony up more money.

Life insurance numbers show that 70+ years after the event, at least 94% of the original survivors of the war should have died by 2012. If there are still 13,000 survivors today, there must have been some 210,000 Austrian survivors after the war. Since there were only a few ten thousand Jews in Austria when the country was reunited with Germany in 1938, the questions are: How does Gideon Eckhaus define a survivor? And who was a victim in the first place, if more Jews survived the war than there existed before the war?

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