Smith's Report No. 192 (July 2012) online
Smith's Report No. 192 (July 2012) online

The latest issue of Smith's Report is now available for free online viewing. It includes a number of very interesting papers:

  • on a global conspiracy by lawyers to persecute peaceful dissidents of WWII historiography;
  • on the terror wreaked by the U.S. Federal government's "Nazi" hunter organization OSI;
  • on a major victory for free speech in Canada;
  • on Jewish angst due to a growing revisionist impact;
  • on the traumatization of the descendants of Holocaust survivors.

Last but not least it also includes the usual personal column by Bradley R. Smith. While some of you may dismiss this as idle chatter, I would like you to put this notion aside and read this issue's personal note by the founder of CODOH. It addresses a number of serious, looming issues, because most recently Bradley had both a cancer relapse as well as a minor stroke. Triggered by this, CODOH is currently in a phase of transition to make sure it survives any similar future event and keeps thriving, no matter what.

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