CODOH Donation Hick-Up
CODOH Donation Hick-Up

As you are almost certainly aware by now, CODOHWeb has been entirely restructured, reorganized, and redesigned. As we stated up front, it will remain a work-in-progress, as do all dynamic web sites. One of the more noticeable new features at CODOH is our News Archive. We had this section on the old page, but what we did there does not compare to what is being done now. (And by the way, if you want to participate in this feature please get in contact. We need a couple three additional volunteers here. It is not heavy duty. Fits into any schedule. We'll set you up.)

Taking into consideration that there is always a fly in the ointment, the credit card option on our donation page has been inoperative for about five weeks. After lots of frustrating investigations we finally figured out that this is caused by a problem our hosting company has with their email server. It is listed as a spammer. As a result, I either received incomplete or no credit card information about donations submitted. You can probably imagine what five weeks of inability to accept credit card donations does to the funding side of this operation. In those five weeks only one donation has made its way through the glitch. It was in the amount of $100 (thank you, Glen). But as I have noted elsewhere, it takes about $100 a day, every day, to keep this work and my family afloat. I'm at the edge of being in real trouble again.

If you have felt a desperate urge to contribute, but find that donating with your credit card does not result in your account being charged with anything—it's not that I ignore you, I simply did not receive the information I needed to charge your card—please use the wire transfer link on the Donate page, or do it the old fashioned way. Send me a check or money order. Please!

You may have read in the last issue of Smith's Report where I wrote about the cancer (lymphoma) having returned and that I am repeating the chemotherapy program that I went through in 2008, which was responsible for four more years of life (sorry, Abe). In addition to the chemo I use an extensive body of supplements to back up the program itself, and to protect against the side effects it is known to cause.

Anyhow, I was with my oncologist this Monday past (the 6th) where he reviewed the evidence after three chemo sessions. He found the lymph nodes had not migrated to the neck (which was a worry), they have completely disappeared from the chest, and are much reduced in the abdomen. In short, it's looking good. That was after the first three chemo sessions. That same day I had a fourth and will do six in all. I'll keep you up to date here.

Meanwhile, if you can help with a check or money order, or if you can make a wire transfer to my bank, please do. By the way, security is so tight with the wire transfer program at the HSBC bank that I have no way to know who uses it. If you want me to know it was you, please inform me personally.

Thank you.


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