20th-Century Hoax Is Proud to Release ...

20th-Century Hoax Is Proud to Release ...

Video Magician Eric Hunt (The Last Days of the Big Lie) has done it again, and in many ways better than ever! The Jewish Gas-Chamber Hoax is a 47-minute video featuring deftly selected cuts from Steven Spielberg's survivor interviews along with clear, persuasive animations that deliver resounding impact.

The first half of the film presents Yitzhak Arad's long-standing and never-questioned assertion that Treblinka was a "death camp" from which no one emerged alive, at least not with the approval of the camp's operators. Hunt thoroughly demolishes this assertion with witness after witness from Spielberg's own trove clearly stating that they were transferred onward from Treblinka. Then, proceeding in the opposite direction (from truth to lie), he proves that victims of gassing (by cyanide or carbon monoxide) turn red, not blue, as attested to by the modal "eye witness." After establishing the fact, he proceeds to name and quote testimony after testimony holding that victims turned blue and remained so in death.

Lee Ross and Craig Anderson* reported in 1982 that "[B]eliefs can survive ... and even be bolstered by evidence that ... logically demands some weakening of such beliefs."

This production should, via the Ross-Anderson Paradox, strengthen the belief of even the most tepid of exterminationists.

It will also undergird the beliefs of the rest of us most satisfyingly, quite without the assistance of Ross and Anderson.

* Ross, Lee; Anderson, Craig A. (1982), "Shortcomings in the attribution process: On the origins and maintenance of erroneous social assessments", in Kahneman, Daniel; Slovic, Paul; Tversky, Amos, Judgment under uncertainty: Heuristics and biases, Cambridge University Press, pp. 129–152

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