The Journal of Historical Review on CODOH

The Journal of Historical Review on CODOH

Believe it or not, but to this very day the former flagship periodical of historical revisionism, The Journal of Historical Review, which was published between 1980 and 2002 by the Institute for Historical Review in California, has never been posted in its entirety on the Internet. Although two major websites feature many of its articles ( and, none of them have the complete set. It was about time that this changes.

Hence the CODOH volunteers have decided that this is what they will do next. So far, the first ten volumes, published between 1980 and 1990, have been posted: The remaining volumes 11 through 21 are in the process of being reformatted and posted, and you will see them coming online during the next weeks.

A brief note on what has happened to lately is also due here: In June of this year we moved the site physically to a dedicated server and structurally to a new database-supported format. Both moves collided, though, because we had chosen a server that was simply too small and too slow to deal with the workload coming with our new complex database. All our attempts at fixing it have ultimately failed, so we moved the site again to a bigger and faster server. As you might have noticed, things come up really fast now, and we are thus prepared for the future – with many more visitors to welcome and much more information to share.

The breakdown of the old server in conjunction with setting up the new one produced a gap of almost a month, during which was either extremely slow and unreliable, or was down altogether. While working on this, some volunteers kept preparing 9 entire years of JHR articles, which is why we were in a real posting frenzy during the past week when uploading all those papers to the new server. The pace will now slacken somewhat, as the remaining material has yet to be edited and reformatted.

If you spot any typos in any of the newly posted documents (or in old ones), please be so kind and let us know by using our contact form.

And thank you very much for the patience you all have had during those trying past weeks.

Santiago Alvarez Contents Manager

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